[Tutorial] IMO: The World of Magic

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Update (04/02/11): How To get Level IV Skill Books (Thanks to oonko)

Wild swing IV=Level Required: 10
Class Required: Warrior

How to Obtain:
The Way of Two Hands 1p: BLACKJUNO or Blacksky
The Way of Two Hands 2p: WADANGKA
The Way of Two Hands 3p: Yeti

Flame Shock IV=Level Required: 5
Class Required: Magician

How to Obtain:
Trade with Kulin the 3 following pages (Ancient book):
About Levitation 1p – dropped by Mob in Temple of Wingfil
About Levitation 2p – dropped by BLACKJUNO / Blacksky
About Levitation 3p – dropped by WADANGKA

Double Shot IV= Level Required: 5
Class Required: Ranger

How to Obtain:
Turn in Bull’s-Eye 1p, Bull’s-Eye 2p, and Bull’s-Eye 3p to Kulin, as ancient book

Update: Mainland Maps

So, I finally traveled to the mainland in IMO, and here are the maps from the Lanos map that you land in, and an overall map of the region.

First Map

Overall Map

So, I decided to write a tutorial for this game, since lots of people are asking the same questions over and over again.

So, when you start the game, create an account, blah blah blah, I’m sure you know how to do all that stuff already.

After you start and account, you can choose from 3 servers to play on. Keep in mind that you cannot transfer characters between servers, so whichever server you choose you stick to. However, if you decide for some reason that you want to play on a different server, you can create more characters on the other server. Also, you will be able to choose a faction- Lanos (good side) or Siras (bad side). Whichever faction you choose will stay constant for all characters on that server.

When you create your character, you can choose your in game name, your hair colour, gender, and other physical features. You are also allowed to choose between 3 classes – a warrior, ranger, or mage. Each class has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. The warrior has tons of health points (HP), while having mediocre attacks. The mage, on the other hand has a very low amount of HP, making up for it with healing, and protection spells, and strong attacks. However, once a mage runs out of MP, they’re probably doomed and have to run away from battle to regenerate. Finally, the ranger has a decent amount of HP, and attacks very quickly, with skills that hit the target in rapid succession, and can also cause status ailments.

After choosing you class and physical features, you will be able to add stat points. This is the one and only time you will be able to add stat points. For warriors, invest your stat points in STR and CON. For rangers, allocate your points towards DEX and CON, and for mages, max out both INT and WIS.

After you use all your stat points and finally finish creating your character, you will start the game in your respective villages depending on which faction you are in. You can tell which faction people are in by the little icon beside their name. If they have a blue arrow, they are in Lanos. If they have a gold arrow, they are in Siras. If you chose Lanos as your faction, you will start of in Woody-Weedy Village; if you chose Siras as your faction, you will start of in Woody-Wordy Village. Both villages are the same, and even look the same (except for some of the NPCs). From here, you can go off and start your adventure in IMO!

Skill Points

Skill points are used to upgrade and gain new skills in the game. Skills are essential to your survival in IMO, as in all other RPGs. Depending on your class, you will have a set of skills. You will unlock new skills every 5 or so levels. At level one, you will not be able to use any skills. Once you become level 2 however, you will be given 1 skill point. One skill point is granted every time you level. Using this skill point, you can upgrade or gain new skills. However, you also need skill books to upgrade you skills. Every time you want to upgrade a skill, you will need to read the corresponding skill book. For example, you may have seen many people selling the item [Flame Shock Vol. III]. This item is the 3rd skill book for the mage skill Flame Shock. By “reading” this book, your character will increase the max level for the skill. So, by reading Flame Shock Vol. III, you will unlock the 3rd level of Flame Shock, and then be able to put a skill point towards it. When you start off the game, you are given the first skill book for your most basic skill. The level requirement for this book will be level 2, since you won’t have any skill points at level 1. You can only use the skill when you have put it on a quick slot- one of the five circles around the attack and pickup button. To put a skill in a quick slot, simply drag the skill into one of the five circles at the bottom of the screen in the skills menu. You have 4 sections of quick slots, that can be changed by swiping the quick slots. You can also put consumables into these slots.


So, if you actually read all that stuff about skill points, you probably can’t wait to figure out how to level up. If you can’t figure out how to level or hunt monsters, you probably shouldn’t be playing this game. I will list good training places for certain levels. I will continually update this list, as I haven’t gotten to the max level yet. If the monster names are green, that means they won’t attack you if you don’t attack them. If they’re red, then they’ll attack when they see you.

Level 1-4: Koii & Bramble Donguri (the bush things): These are located right outside town, in either Woody-Weedy Forest or Woody-Wordy Forest depending on your faction.

Level 3-6: Leaf Boars and Angry Leaf Boars: These are at the southern (bottom) part of the Woody forests. They’re a lot faster and stronger than the Koii, so be careful. Also, be sure to run away if you see a Bulldozer (green boar with pink stuff), and definitely if you see Bulldozer’s Brother or whatever it’s called (a blue boar). You may be able to kill Bulldozer Jr., also a green boar, and probably should since they give a nice Canine Tooth ring that gives ~5 HP when equipped.

Level 7-8: Swamp Mushrooms and Swamp Boars: Swamp Mushrooms are pretty fast, and give some pretty nice drops such as Vol. III Skill Books, and Treasure Boxes. They’re found at the northern part of Mushroom Marshland. Swamp Boars are a level higher than Mushrooms, and are located at the center of the Marshland. Be warned- leveling from 7 to 8 is painstakingly slow.

Level 8-10: Spiders: Spiders do lots of damage, but are pretty good for leveling from 8 to 9, and give some good drops for trading quests such as damaged pamphlets and old feathers.

Level 9-11: Crabs: Crabs are good for leveling from 9 to 11. They give nice equips, but have low drop rates (I got level 12 mittens, with 2 defense and 9 HP). They also drop pirate coins, which can be traded in for EXP. Watch out for woopa and roopa (fish) when hunting these.

Level 10-12: Sandmen: Sandmen are good experience from level 11 to 12, and are a bit hard to fight when you are level 10. They drop pirate coins, and occasionally Mystic Gems and Red Coral.

Level 13-15: Roopa and Woopa, Continental Boars, & Crows: Roopa and Woopa are the hardest unnamed monsters on the beginner’s island (yes, the place you start of in is only a small portion of the world). These fish are hard, fast, and worst of all, can attack in huge groups (I got raped by around 15 at once). Continental Boars are found in mainland, and so are crows.

Level 15+: Here, you should now go to the mainland, and train on the monsters in the first map there. They’re some sort of bull or hog or boar or dog kinda things I think. To get to mainland, go to Wingfril Island Beach, and on the west side, there are two boats you can take for 777G- one for Lanos and one for Siras. I know the mainland is split into two parts, one for Lanos and one for Siras, and the two boats will take you to your respective side. Also, the town there is HUGE.

Battlefield & PvP

Battlefield & PvP- one of the main reasons I play this game. If you have played MMORPGs before, you probably know that PvP is the funnest part of the game, where you get to obliterate you friends and even better, your enemies. If this is your first MMO, battlefield and PvP is where you can kill other player, instead of monsters. In IMO, there are 3 PvP areas on the starting island- the Battlefield, permanent battlefield, and the PvP beach.

The PvP Battlefield happens every 2 hours, and is an organized battle between the two factions. When the time comes, a server wide announcement notifies everyone that “we are now taking reservations for the battlefield”. When you see this, go talk to the battlefield manager. There is one in each town, near the trader, and one in the PvP beach, where the two boats for mainland are. Select “Do Join”, and a spot will be reserved for you. Sometimes, this message can be deceiving, as all people who select this are given the message that a place has been reserved for them, when in reality on 20 people actually are selected. After a spot has been reserved for you, you will be automatically teleported to the battlefield when the battle starts. When you arrive at the battlefield, walk towards the blue circle, and you will be warped to some place. Follow the main stream of people, and you will end up in the field. From there, just kill everything.

The permanent battlefield is like the same thing as the one above, but is permanent. However, no one ever goes there.

The PvP beach is an ideal place to train from level 10 to 15, but watch out for people from the other faction. Here, you can attack people from the other faction, and they can attack you. Most of the time, if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone too. But sometimes, there’s some arseholes who roam in groups and gang bang you while you least expect it. You can’t say that what they’re doing is wrong though… after all it is a PvP field.

Exchange Quests

Often, I hear many people asking, “What do I do with this and that?” There are many drops that you get from monsters that can be exchanged for items or exp in repeatable quests.

Pirate Coins -> EXP at the respawn area of the PvP beach

Sparkling Dongyru -> Potions at the guy beside the tree in each Woody forest

Small Coral -> Red Coral/Coral Equips at the girl near the bottom right of the PvP beach

Damaged Pamphlets -> Return Scrolls/Weapon Upgrade Scrolls/Armour Upgrade Scrolls at Professor Kulin

Old Feathers -> Return Scrolls/Weapon Upgrade Scrolls/Armour Upgrade Scrolls at Professor Kulin

If I missed anything, which I’m pretty sure I did, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

More from GWillikers, originally posted on the Reborn Guild forums:

10 Mushrooms + to lady next to inn keeper in village => *Special* Cold Beer for Old Man in Kulin’s Quest

20 Spider silk to NPC in Northeast Town -> 20 Bolt of Spider Silk

Coral Dust for Main Quest (series of fetch and transform steps to NPC Sara in Southeast part of Beach):
10 small corals -> 1 Red Coral;
5 Red Corals -> 1 Refined Coral;
5 Refined Corals -> 1 Coral Dust

Intensified Woopa Scale
1 Mystic Oil + 1 Woopa-Roopa Scale => 1 Intensified Woopa Scale
I’m not sure what the Intensified Woopa Scale is for, but you can trade either 50 or 100 plus Fantastic powder at the Beach to Ragan for probably some sort of special armor. I’m not sure though since I haven’t been able to buy, find or make Fantastic Powder.

How do you make Green Crystal?
Credit to xmindfreak for the answer
Green crystals are made by using magic extraction scrolls on weapons, most of the time you will get green powder and once in a while green crystals

What is the reward for 50 Hardened Woopa-Roopa scales + 3 Fantastic Powders?
Ranger hat (credit to Yumina)

Fantastic Powder
There is an NPC in the 2F of the lighthouse who will exchange one sleepy kooii doll for a fantastic powder. I am not sure at this point where to find a sleepy kooii, but it may be the purple round things in the bottom floor of the basement. More to follow as I continue to level. (credit to Yumina)

Lanos Plains:
Kamakee Beak
Collect 10 Kamakee Beaks and give them to the sheppard in the very far northeast corner of the map and he will give you meat. Do this two times and he will then offer you the chance to receive a Raven’s Necklace (level 14 with variable HP bonus) if you collect 5 Raven’s Feather. (Note: As I understand it, Ravens are randomly spawning “crows” much like the “white bat” to the regular bats in the Mushroom caves. I have only been able to locate one Raven and it was in the middle of the map on the west side north of the ship)

Raven’s Feather
Used to make Raven’s necklace from the sheppard NPC in the northeast part of the Lanos Plains map. See “Kamakee Beak” discussion above.

Premium &  IAP Items

So, Com2uS has decided to follow the freemium model for IMO, where the game/app is free, but you have to pay for in-app purchases to unlock the full goodness. In IMO, you can enjoy the game fully without spending a single cent, as long as you don’t mind some advertisements and don’t use the traders. In-App Store items can only be purchased with real cash, but you can buy them from a player who have paid for them, if it’s not soulbound. Here is a list of all the IAPs and what they do:

-Starter’s pack ($2.99):
Ticket: Premium member (Your character will be permitted to deal with all the traders and no ads in game)
Mushroom Bag: 7-slots bag.
Phoenix’s Heart x3: Resurrect your char on spot.
Friend Summon Scroll x3: Allows you to summon a friend.
Wingfril’s Echo x3: Allows you to shout out all regions.
Costume Box: Starter x1 – Summon Random Costume Hat (1 armor, soulbound)

-Phoenix’s Heart ($0.99)

-Friend Summon Scroll ($0.99)

-Wingfril’s Echo ($0.99)

-Ticket: Trader Expand1 ($0.99): The character will permanently have its trade slots expanded from 5 to 10.

-Ticket: Trader Expand2 ($0.99): The character will permanently have its trade slots expanded from 10 to 15.

-Holy Water ($0.99): It will act as an insurance, even if you fail at enchanting your weapon or armor, it won’t evaporate (Destroy).


Q: What is Protection of Lanos/____ of Siras for?

A: It’s so that you don’t loose exp when you die. One is used each time you die.

Q: Where is the evidence to find the missing adventurer?

A: It is on the far east side of the Marshland. If you look on the map, it is located between the two lines of words marking the entrance to the Island with the Lighthouse. The coordinates are 3577, 2875 (thanks to Lukrishia for the coordinates). Also, it’s an NPC you talk to called “Old Skirt”.

Q: Where are the people I have to talk to in town to find the missing adventurers?

A: One is on the left side of town, near Reader Jal (some guy with Jeans). The other is an old man. Go to the right side of town, then go up, and you will see an old man. The last person is a girl, also on the right side of town, near the bottom.

Q: How do you get green crystals?

A: (Big thanks to GWillikers) You have to get any kind of magically enhanced item and use a magic extraction scroll D on it.  It will more than likely make a “Green Dust”, but sometimes it will make a green crystal.

Q: “How to play this game?”

A: No comment…

Q: “How can you play this game on an iPod with that little white wheel?”

A: No comment again…

If you have any suggestions or anything you think should be added on, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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746 Responses to [Tutorial] IMO: The World of Magic

  1. jj says:

    What do you get as reward in battlefield?and what is a looting party?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      well, first off you get stars beside your name corresponding to how many people you kill in bf. you can trade these stars for old horns or something, which then give you gift boxes.
      also, every time you win bf (i think when you win cuz lanos in bigmama never lost), you get 3 pendants which you can also turn in for gift boxes.
      finally, you get honor, which really doesnt do anything, but is ranked

      im not sure what a looting party is, but i know when u lead a party u can change the looting mode from free to random. if its free looting then anyone in the party can get drops from monsters that another party member killed (where it would normally say “you cannot loot”). if its random, then i think either the guy that killed the monster gets the item, or it chooses a random party member

    • kurt says:

      how do you use enchant scrolls for weapons and armor, i have 2 and they just sit in my bag.

      • Erica says:

        To use enchant scrolls, drag them onto your weapon/armor that you are enchanting. It’ll ask if you want to use it on this item. Make sure you check the level of the armor/weapon so you use the right scroll level.

        D – below lv 10
        C – below lv 20
        B – below lv 30
        A – below lv 40

        Armor goes up to +4 and after that, it has a chance of breaking (disappearing). Weapons go up to +6 and then can possibly break.

  2. Jiansin says:

    Hey where are the item shops in the place where the “bad ppl” start? And isit possible to buy gear?

  3. Meg says:

    Nice article! Haha I was just randomly browsing for IMO stuff and came across this :)
    Although I figured most of this stuff out already, the PvP info cleared a lot up for me, great job :D

  4. Prince says:

    Is there any other way to lvl up fast? Because i get bored lvling.

  5. ray says:

    hey, whats a good way to make fast cash?

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  7. Liz says:

    Hi there. Nice walkthrough! Just one question… what on earth are seeds for? They drop from the flower monsters in the mushroom swamp area.

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      im not sure what theyre for… theres seeds and mystic seeds, and im sure theyre for some kinda trade quest

      • Some High Lv. says:

        Well seeds have no use whatsoever but mystic seeds can be sold for about 3k at the traders and it is used to get from the 3rd floor of the lighthouse to get to the 4th floor of the lighthouse

  8. stix says:

    So if I understand your post, theres even a BIGGER world after I get to level 15/take the boat? any Idea how big it is? is there any world map?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      well you dont have to wait till 15, you can go at level. the only way to see the map is to actually go there. its basically two halves, one for each faction. im gonna say that its mabye 10 times bigger than the beginner island

      • Somehighlv says:

        Well the mainland consists of 5 areas about the size of mushroom marshland. On the lanos side is Lanos Plains (Lv15-18), Forest of Grave (lv19-24), and Arid Grassland for lv 24-30 and Then Hot Sand Plains which is shared by both Factions. On Siras Side the lowest lv part i forget but the 2nd part is Kataru mountains then i also forget but they correspond to the lanos side. I hope this gives you an idea of what the mainland looks like.

      • Apple says:

        For SIras it’s fog ( forest of grave), then kataru, then idk im not that pro yet XD

    • kura says:

      mystic seeds i think you need to get into lighthouse level 3 the normal seeds im not sure

  9. Help me says:

    How do u trade coin for exp- where?
    An I can’t find the evidence of the missingadventurer even though you mentioned above- any coordinates or something to guide me?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      go to wingril beach (the pvp map, where theres crabs, fish, and sandmen), and depending on your faction, go to the place where you respawn after you dye. there should be an npc there and when you talk to him you can choose “I brought 10 pirate coins” or I brought 3 ancient coins”.

      about the adventurers, im not sure of the exact coordinates, but make sure you are in the mushroom marshland, and go to the far right side. near spiders on this narrow strip of land is a skirt

  10. shouchan says:

    any idea how to get green crystal?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      im not sure what you mean by green crystal… are you referring to green powder? you can get them from one of the npc shops in town, the potion seller i think

      • shouchan says:

        no you need green crystal for kulin request 6…. think its an upgrade from green powder, mentioned something about pulverizing items…. not sure

      • Crimson says:

        you can get green crystals by using magic extraction scroll on “green” items (weapons). most of the time you get green powder, but sometimes you get green crystals.

    • turd21 says:

      use magic extration scroll (buy from kana)on weapons dropped by monsters.most of the times u get green power but sometimes u get green crystals. xD

  11. vhintage says:

    is there a way to transfer equipments to other characters like a storage feature or something?

  12. kw says:

    can i know where can i store item when my bag is full? tqtq

  13. Mafiiee says:

    Hi, i started playing yesterday and i got a skull coin from the treasure box.. I think i read that u can trade it for exp? Is that correct? If yes, where can i do that? Thx for the tut it helped a lot :)

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      yes, you can trade 10 of them for exp, at wingfril beach (the pvp map). the npc to talk to is at the respawn location

      • Snowbeauty says:

        For pirate coins,(which are white) you need 10 of them to trade for exp. However, if you get acient coins, (which are black) you only need three to trade.

  14. Fcone says:

    How do I get the fire volume three thing for the Mage??

  15. Hai says:

    If you have a job and don’t mind spent money on this game, u don’t have limited inventory slot problem by purchasing multiple starter pack which includes 7 slot mushroom bag. Originally only 12 slots available in inventory, if u buy 12x starter pack, that’s 12x mushroom bag hence 12×7=84 slots LOL!! but it costs $36

  16. Langley says:

    Where do I get the special mushroom beer?

  17. Fcone says:

    How do you get the fire volume thing for the mage without having to buy it from another player.

  18. GWillikers says:

    Good stuff. I appreciate your work. Anyone have any idea what soil is for? I’ve been getting it from the sandmen on the south side of the PvP map and haven’t found a use for it yet. Thanks.

  19. yeejkoo says:

    I just started playing yesterday and do we need to use skill books in order like vol 1, then 2 then 3? or can I go from 1 to 3 without book 2? And if not where can I find book 2?

  20. yeejkoo says:

    p.s. How do you activate/read skill boos anyways? I just kind of push random stuff and got my first skill working on accident

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      you double tap the book in ur inventory, then double tap the actual skill to raise its lvl

      • yeejkoo says:

        Yea foreals, GREAT GUIDE! and thanks for the info. Is this only for the iphone? Will it be on the computer? Just wondering cause I have bad eyes, I hate squinting lol.

  21. Boyah says:

    Great guide. Teaming info has realy helped. Looking forward to continued add-ons! XD

  22. Langley says:

    thanks, another question.. what are mystic stones for?

  23. snow says:

    great guide! thanks! but another question, what is old feather for? and where can i get accessories to boost my mage’s health points? it’s pathetically slow… >.<

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      old feather is for trade quest with prof kulin. u can get +hp items like mittens (lvl 12) gloves. i have +9 hp ones

      • jordan says:

        u can change them for hair feather but u need 50 of them n 3 coral dust plus 1k to make 1 the person is at 3623 1593 in the beach

  24. Jesse says:

    Two questions: I am a Mage and I have no idea where to find firebolt II or III, and no one is selling it?
    Also when you trade pendants to the guy who you sign up or the pvp battle, you can trade 60 pendants for fireball III, but there is no such skill as fireball????

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      im pretty sure i saw a couple ppl selling firebolt ii, but mabye no one is stronf enough to kill the monster that drops it efficiently yet. and for the bf manager trade its probably a typo

    • Demigawd says:

      It could be a text error.

      • Davez says:

        One day I was farming mutant roopas. Guess what? I was mobbed by three! Of course I mauled them seeing that I’m lvl 27… But I found out that mutant roopas drop Firebolt Vol. II and they also drop Composite Bows.

      • Ben says:

        no it isn’t a typo. Click and drag your finger up on the skills tab in the menu then there are a lot more skills

  25. Fred says:

    Hi all, may i know where does lvl 10 and above sword & Hemorrhage 3 drop ?
    Thanks =D

  26. alora says:

    where at the beach is the ncp that take small coral?? and what are hard shells for??

  27. helpmeyo says:

    What is green powder? and how do I go to other places? like on the map?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      green powder is used to pay for teleporting to some places. to teleport around wingril island (beginner island), talk to the newbie helper person, and she’ll teleport you for 100g, or for some places 1 green powder. to get to mainland, take the boat at the pvp map

  28. Cattrina says:

    I have a suggestion and a question. Suggestion: You should make a detailed map showing where everything is. Question: Where’s the bartender?

  29. Jezter says:

    I’m a level 11 Mage, how should I level, and what does the 2, 3, etc infront of swords, bows, and staffs do????

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      you should train on sandmen in the pvp map at the bottom (wingfril beach), and at lvl 12 go to mainland and train on continental boars. the numbers in front of weapons is how many times its been enchanted. im not sure how the enchantment system works, cuz everytime i use a scroll it just adds a number, but doesnt add any stats or anything

    • Demigawd says:

      The number’s at the side of you’re weapons and Armour indicate it’s level of enhancement. But if you use a scroll on a weapon with +6 it will break and u’ll lose the weapon and the scroll.

      +6 is the maximum level enchantment on all weapon’s
      +4 is the max enchantment for Armour.


      If you have like Armour level 5- increasing it to +1 will upgrade you’re defence 1 (Basicly you’re armour is now level 6), But has +1 next to it’s name.

      • Player says:


        BUT, If it has 4 Strength and it’s +1 will it be 5 Strength too?

      • jordan says:

        u can up them to +7 or +5 but u need a scroll n holy water but sometimes it does not work but dont worry your weopen or sword will not be destroy

  30. Makar says:

    do you know where to get green crystals? (not powder) its for kulins request 6

    • Snowbeauty says:

      Get magic extraction scroll D, which can be purchased from kana. Then, combine it with weapons dropped by boars. Often, you will get green powder, but you occasionally get green crystal. I got like… 22 green powders before i could get a single green crystal. Just remember… hard work pay off!

  31. helpmeyo says:

    How can I get more green crystals?

    • GWillikers says:

      I triple this request. I can’t get anyone to answer this, however someone must know because there are Green Crystals in the Black trader.

      • GWillikers says:

        i actually figured this out: you have to get any kind of magically enhanced item and use a magic extraction scroll D on it. It will more than likely make a “Green Dust”, but sometimes it will make a green crystal.

      • GeorgeJQ says:

        wow thx ill add that into the guide

      • smarty says:

        hey to get green crystals u have to use a extraction scroll on green items sometimes u will get a crystal

      • daikibr2 says:

        i dont know realy well but i know that is an item selling in the village is a green something and there is the magical extraction scroll too that u use in weapons to get the green powders

      • Johnhu says:

        U get green crystals from using a magic extration scroll on a wep

  32. samishii says:

    i was wondering, for one of kulins quest, i already have 20 scales from those weird fish, do u know how to get the coral dust by chance?

    • GWillikers says:

      Coral dust can be obtained by a series of trade ins to NPC Sara (next to Poscar): 10 small corals -> 1 Red Coral; 5 Red corals -> 1 “Enriched” (can’t remember what its called exactly) Coral; -> 5 “Enriched” Corals -> 1 Coral Dust. Essentially, you will need 250 small corals, or 25 red corals to get 1 coral dust.

  33. helpmeyo says:

    oops I think I meant crystal points. =]

  34. jezzze says:

    So when your a mage, what are the must get skills? and which ones should you not even bother wasting a skill point on?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      well, i recomend not getting the freeze thing for lvl 5, and instead getting ice prison for lvl 10, since monster cant break outta that freeze. also, you must get heal and shield, or else ull die a lot

      • Jeralyn says:

        goshh…this just make me sad….i ivest one poitn at freezing thing….i am level 6…so shld i replay or?

      • 123add5 says:

        You could just buy an oblivion potion which resets all of you’re skill points and you can reuse them without buying any of the books again either. The potion cost 11k from the trader behind the fountain but I think you need to buy a starter pack to talk to her idk though

    • Jess says:

      but oblivion pot is 20k at that lvl, im sure u dun have enough money

  35. jezzze says:

    and are the maps different for siras and lanos????

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      what do you mean if they’re different? its all one island, and all the maps are connected, except lanos owns some maps and siras owns others, and then theres neutral ones.

  36. Gumball says:

    I received earplugs from Pafris… how can i wear them? Thanks for the guide… :)

    • Gumball says:

      Also… I have been searching everywhere for quest guides and can’t find any… :(

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      im not sure if theyre equipable, but if they are just double tap them

    • Demigawd says:

      You don’t Equip them. They only work once, and it’s when you find and pick the mandoroga, which can be found at deepest part of the mushroom spore’s heart (the end of the tunnel). You get a very sweet ass potion, what recover’s health and mana 80-120 each, and has 5 use’s. I hope that’s helped you out, anymore questions. Al try be on to post. Thank you.

  37. Hui says:

    I would like to know the Premium Member Ticket is soulbound?

  38. Cone1 says:

    One quick question how do I get double bolt 3 for the ranger. Like is thier a monster that drops it???

  39. korean says:

    umm… can i ask where i can get skill books for ranger(the one with the bow and arrow). Thanks i really appreciate your answer

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      well u can get skill books from the npcs that sell them. theres on in the beginning town, the pvp map, and at the mainland town. they sell books for every class

  40. Maryanne says:

    Hey, great guide! I just have one question, how do I get ice prison? Since I can’t find it anywhere!!

  41. Danny says:

    Hey, if im a lvl 8 mage and have flame shock 3, whats the best place i can grow leveld fast? thanks

  42. GWillikers says:

    Has anyone figured out how to make Fantastic Powder?

  43. pandarsaurus says:

    How do you get level 4 skills books? and how is everyone getting all those types of hats? :0

  44. Johnvdh says:

    Does anyone know how the enchantment scrolls work? do you use it only on nomral weapons? or can they be used on green weapons? Great guide!

  45. korean says:

    I was wondering if what the heavy leather is for and where i can get them. I thought that processing 5 cured leather will give me 1 heavy leather but it turns out it was processed to old leather shoes. Can you tell me where i can get heavy leather and what it can be processed to.

    • Demigawd says:

      You can get heavy leather from:

      Bulldozer Junior – who appears pretty often ( it’s green and has pink hair ).

      Bulldozer- He appear’s randomly all over the woody wood map, and very strong for level’s under 9-10. He has dark green fur and lime colour-ed hair.

      Bulldozer’s Brother- He’s stronger and come’s for revenge i think, not only does he run faster he’s fast at attacking. He’s the Blue one with light blue hair.

      When you get the cured leather processed, the item’s you get are at random:
      EXAMPLE:- Like u’l get leather belt’s sometimes old leather glove’s and boot’s, and sometimes get 1-3 heavy leather’s. I hope that answered you’re question!

  46. Hmm... says:

    Great guide!! I’ve a question. I’ve asked many times in chat, but people are so not interested in helping. How do I use old bags? They’re soulbound (I’m assuming that means non-transferable). Anywho, I’ve double tapped them — nothing. I tried selling them to NPCs — nothing. They’re just taking up room and driving me nuts. Thanks oodles.

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      when you have more items then ur inventory can hold, items automatically go into the bag

    • Demigawd says:

      Old bag is soul bound. But is useful for a temporally basis, and yes you can’t sell it for anything- but it’s free so be happy. If you collect alot of boar tail’s at and make them into boar tails bolts then, eveualy she wont give you armour and give you small bags. Which sell for 7.5k each and also have 4slots. It’s a tip for making cash pretty fast. I hope i helped out dude.

  47. RKA says:

    Where/How can we get FlameShock IV?!

  48. Tora says:

    Can anyone tell me which monster drops

    1. flame shock IV
    2.fire bolt II
    3.Ice prison II

    i really need those… thank you

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      no one has found flame shock iv yet, and im pretty sure ice prison ii is dropped by a beach monster, and not sure about fbii

      • Demigawd says:

        LOL! volume 4 book’s arn’t released just yet… They will soon i guess when there’s plenty of users and other stuff going on. You can get most volume 2 book’s from a store in Wingfril beach, and Lanos Palace-Mainland ( the fee for the boat ride is actualy 777gp -duno where you got 5000gp lol). But you can get flamebolt-windslah 2-3 from woopas roopa and alot of other lvl 9+ monsters.

    • Demigawd says:

      Tora: You get flamebolt 1-2 at the book store in wingfril island and loans palace (mainland)- boat fare 777gp it affordable lol IV volumes ar’nt out just yet.

    • Jason says:

      Ice Prison II is dropped by the white spiders in the Mushroom Marshland.

  49. Symbol says:

    Hey, I’ve been killing flower elementals in marsh and they’ve been dropping seeds and mystic seeds. what do they do? btw great guide!

  50. alora says:

    PCA: Ppl Lookn For Coral Dust!!

    soo we all knw that
    10 small corals = red coral
    5 red corals = refined coral
    5 refined corals = coral dust

    and some of us knw that some times instead of gettn a red coral for our 10 small corals that ncp hoe SARA will giv us a coral ring or necklace. and yes and we all knw that gettn 5 refined corals could take forevr unless you are rich and hav the money to buy red corals off some scammer for 3k each.

    BUT wen i finaly get 5 refined corals to trade thm to that slut SARA for a coral dust she gives me an ENCHANTMENT SCROLL instead! thanks alot.. bak to sqr one!!

    • Demigawd says:

      Lol! I totaliy agree about the scammer stuff. I find it easly obtaining red coral though, i guess because of my level though. If you want a tip on getting them fast. Get in a clan of noobs, and ask who is the guild boss and ask them if it’s free loot or random loot. If it’s free loot, stand where the monster is thats getting attacked and click on it, wait untill its just about dead and keep clicking “pick up item”, you dont haved to even attack and wait for the drop and pick it up- its kinda like stealing lol. Ul get thing’s waaaaaay faster! I do it- it’s kinda cheating if you look at it, but it’s funny coz you’re getting items prob’s 10 times faster. Think about it. I DO IT! LOL

      • Austen says:

        Fail… People like this shouldn’t play this game. Don’t listen to this noob. The best way to make money is by being a good sales man. Buying things for cheap and then selling for expensive. I was a complete noob lvl 6 just started the game and I had 50k already. If you’re not good at that. Then the second best way is killing monsters and selling their drops. Make sure you sell them to the lady who sells the Oblivion potion. She buys everything like x3 what the normal merchants will buy it for. And if it is a good item like a skill book. Sell it to players. Watch what other people sell it for and then sell it for a little over the average of what people are selling it for.

  51. iOranjee says:

    whats a good ranger build

  52. AngelPrime says:

    Hey hows it going have a lvl 7 warrior and a lvl 4 mage can you give me some tips on what skills to buy as i stuffed up 2 characters already by bying craps skills.

  53. Lukrishia says:

    First off congrats on this fine walkthrough. Now when you were talking about the EVIDENCE it’s old skirt, not red skirt. And its exact location (as it’s small and hard to see) is 3577, 2875 in the Marshlands. I hope I saved some people time because I searched high and low for it!!

  54. Jezter says:

    In order what’s the best characters, Mage, ranger, melée

    • Demigawd says:

      I have wrote which are the best and which are the worst character’s to go in the game further down the page- my user name is : Demigawd Thank you, i hope i have helped you out!

  55. Anthony says:

    U should also post a guide with item prices and weapon enchanting :) just a thought

  56. Foxx says:

    Whaat are the old pieces of cloth for? Obtained from bottles on the beach…

    • Foxx says:

      Found out to be parts of map… I have a and b how many I wonder???

      • Foxx says:

        Figured it out…

      • Snowbeauty says:

        there are three of them… A and B are found in beach, and C are found in the island with the lighthouse. hope i helped. ;)
        p.s. sometimes, A and B are also found in lighthouse island

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      im pretty sure i saw an npc that takes it… ill try to find out

      • Tim22 says:

        There are 3 pieces of cloth. Once you’ve collected them, take it to the npc where you trspawn on the beach and talk to him.

    • Sento23 says:

      These pieces of cloths are actually in order as a, b, and c.
      When i looked for them, I found that cloth a are more common in Beach, and cloth c are more common in the Island with the Lighthouse, which is actually east from Mushroom Marshland.
      Cloth b can be found in both places so don’t you worry, and as Tim22 said, you take these pieces of cloths and trade them to the npc at the respawn area. You get the Pirate Ship map for trading these pieces of cloths

      • kura says:

        thanks for that tip i was lookin for cloth c for an hour then i went ot the other map and got it first drop

  57. Tora says:

    Well, thanks for your ans dude :)

    and anybody happens to know what will we receive after doing that kulin’s quest//or if i dont do it,, what will happens?

    I really hate to waste my time on that coral dust anymore…

  58. MrAngelPrime says:

    Hey hows it going i love your tutorial i have a lvl 7 warrior and a lvl 4 mage and a ranger can you give me some tips on what skills to buy as i stuffed up 2 characters already by bying craps skills.

    • Demigawd says:

      This is characteristic’s of you’re choice of player.

      Ranger: These are probably the easiest and best to go in the game. You not only level incredibly fast,(i used range and leveled from 1-10 in 6hours game play, If you wanna know how then post. Another thing, there skill’s and freedom of game make you enjoy it more.

      Worrior: These guy’s are alright to go, there good for defense and when you’re high enough level, you will basically own anyone-thing. There skill’s are also cheap, same as range. They and weild shield’s-which rangers and magicians can’t.

      Mage’s: These have strong magic attack’s at the start and progress, but suck sometime’s because you got to have mana alway’s, and have bad defense-compared to other’s. Another disadvantage going a mage is, there very expensive to advance, basicly (you want quality, become rich or wait till you’re very high level). There slow to upgrade and level also.

      Here’s a tip for starting also:

      RANGE: Max out Dexterity (STR FOR RANGE) and Constitution(HP).
      MAGICIAN: Max out (INT- “MANA GAUGE”) and Wisdom (MAGES STRENGTH).
      WORRIOR: Max out (STR-an obvious one lol) and Consitution (HP).

      STR- Strength
      INT- Inteligence
      MP- Magic Point’s
      HP- Health Point’s


      • Jeralyn says:

        my mage is basically screw cos i waste point on freezing thing when ice prison can easily replace d it and i wan to start out as a ranger…can you help me on it?

      • Jeralyn says:

        my mage is basically screw cos i waste point on freezing thing when ice prison can easily replace d it and i wan to start out as a ranger…can you help me on it? wat can i do or how shld i play ranger…and wat skilll to upgrade….wat to get and stuff like that

      • GeorgeJQ says:

        nah its not screwed… it doesnt matter that much. rangers are pretty good, theyre easier to level and handle than mages, especially at higher levels. if ur gonna be a ranger, get some equips that give you +hitrate, and lots of hp pots. for stats, max dex, then put rest on con

      • Jeralyn says:

        how do i level my rnager and wat skill order should i add…can u help me on that

  59. Ethan says:

    I have been trying to figure this out for ages and i finally decided to come to the internet to seek my answer. How does the scroll enchantment system work?

    • Demigawd says:

      They work easily, depending on you’re I.Q level’s.

      Weapon scroll D +6 : These are for weapon’s under level 10 (ONLY!)-Caution if you use it on a higher level or use it any more than +6 . Then you’re weapon not only be destroyed, you will also lose you’re scroll aswell:(
      Weapon Scroll C : Same goe’s for that also. But these can be used on weapon’s under level 20 and over level 10 (10-20).

      Armour Scrolls D +4:- Same as the weapon scrolls except the green powder thing. Peace! :D

    • Austen says:


  60. eric says:

    Nice website. Just checking as i know there are alot selling longbow, but do you know which monster drop it. Also is there anyway to add in stats to your armor/weapons?

    • milkyman says:

      i just got mine from woopa or roopa (i can’t remember exactly since they are much alike)

      • Tim22 says:

        Woopa drops it

      • Demigawd says:

        Jiansin :
        Hey where are the item shops in the place where the “bad ppl” start? And isit possible to buy gear?

        milkyman :
        i just got mine from woopa or roopa (i can’t remember exactly since they are much alike)

        milkyman :
        i just got mine from woopa or roopa (i can’t remember exactly since they are much alike)

        The only thing different in the other server is, the map structure (the look), ok. ^^

  61. milkyman says:

    I’ve traded 3 Damaged Pamphlets and got a return scroll in return
    I’ve also traded 5 Old Feathers and got a return scroll again
    how do I get weapon upgrade and armor upgrade scrolls instead of a return scroll?

    does the level and the stage of kulin’s quest affects this?

  62. Juliano says:

    I processed spider silks to bolts of spider silks. What are they for? D:
    And when I signed up, i didn’t invest enough strength points in my warrior, so he’s kinda wimpy now. Even leveling up doesn’t really help his attacks T^T
    Oh, also, for the ghost’s kneecap… Am I supposed to get in a party with someone and kill the white bat to get it?
    Thanks in advance.

  63. eric says:

    Thanks, then what about adding stats to armor like +hp etc

  64. Ryla says:

    Thanks for the awesome guide! I’ve learnt much from it.

    If anyone is keen about killing spiders for spider silk:
    20 spider silks + 100g = 20 bolts of spider silk (no idea what this does)
    50 spider silks = 4 slot bag
    100 spider silks = 5 slot bag

    1) Get the 5 slot bag for 100 spider silks. It’s worth it. Always handy to carry a bigger bag around for quest items like the pain in the ass small coral later on.
    2) Kill white spiders as they drop 1-5 pieces of spider silk at once. Normal swamp / poisonous spiders only drop 1 piece per kill (I think). White spiders have a lower spawn rate and spawn around near the eastern, southeastern and southern ends of the Marshland.

    Add me as friend! =) Ryla Lv 11 Lanos Mage Bigmama

  65. alix says:

    what is the mystic seed used for?

  66. Demigawd says:

    GeorgeJQ :
    you mean the first mage skill right? im pretty sure you get it from swamp mushrooms

    You can also trade in hour points or pendant’s-something like that, at the pvp audition guy in the village. For the Fireblast 3, Thorns 3, and something esle lol.

  67. Demigawd says:

    eric :
    Thanks, then what about adding stats to armor like +hp etc

    eric :
    Thanks, then what about adding stats to armor like +hp etc

    You can’t actually add Health or Mana. The stat’s are random within each monster droped equipment. Basicly from a poisen spider i got “Sturdy leather armour- +11 Health +3 Mana, and soon get another one with No stat bonous’es. Doe’s that answer you’re question?

    • ViBRATiONS says:

      You CAN add HP/MP, DEX/INT/STR/WIS/, etc. There are certain RARE scrolls that allow you to do so. They cost approximately 100-950K each.

  68. Demigawd says:

    Demigawd :

    eric :
    Thanks, then what about adding stats to armor like +hp etc

    eric :
    Thanks, then what about adding stats to armor like +hp etc

    You can’t actually add Health or Mana. The stat’s are random within each monster droped equipment. Basicly from a poisen spider i got “Sturdy leather armour- +11 Health +3 Mana, and soon get another one with No stat bonous’es. Doe’s that answer you’re question?

    I forgot to qoute something esle. To add more defence to you’re Armour, you have’d to buy Armour scroll’s:-
    -These can be bought from player’s.
    -Bought in wingfrill PvP beach store-(Not to sure what the NPC name is, but it’s located alittle north west in lanos, beach, and south respawn location in siras. —It’s also bought in an item store in lanos Palace (Mainland).
    And the same is for Weapon scrolls. (My best bet though is to buy them from player’s and merchant them-make profit’s or get them to lower price etc..Because they cost alot in store’s.)

  69. danny says:

    anyone know what 20 Bolt of Spider Silk can do

  70. danny says:

    does anyone know where to get shield3

    • Symbol says:

      I got lily shield III from Bulldozers Brother

      • H1ro says:

        i got my shield III from killing alot of crabs,but its useless since im a warrior T^T,and add me,im haru381 and i use siras faction and i use wandankga(i think its the name)

  71. korean says:

    Where do you get scrolls that can upgrade ranger bows??

    • Sento23 says:

      Some can be bought from npcs, some can be inside an old box or similar to that which is dropped by monsters.

  72. david says:

    awesome guide!!! i have a few questions.. first, is there any equipable belt, shield, muffler and necklace for the mage? where would you find it?

  73. Effie says:

    Who gave me the quest for the mandragora?! I can’t remember, but they talked about the screaming plant and gave me earplugs to wear. Now I have the mandy and can’t remember where to take it! I couldn’t find anything about it in the questions. Thanks.

    • Erica says:

      Pafris in the Woody-Wordy Forest (for Siras, idk if he’s named different in Lanos) is the one who gave you the quest. He’s at 2353, 2545.

      • Erica says:

        I just did it and he gives a random potion for it. I got Mango Water. For 20 min, increases critical 4. :)

  74. Chris says:

    I’ve seen a few comments about this but no answer, I’ve got 40 bolts of silk n I still don’t know what I can do with them?!?

    Has anyone figured it out

    • Effie says:

      I just read somewhere that the bolts of spider silk are used in the lighthouse with the bones for some type of armor. It must be high level armor, though, because the skeletons are approx lvl 17. Now can someone answer my Mandragora question, pleeeeease? lol

  75. Demigawd says:

    yeejkoo :
    Yea foreals, GREAT GUIDE! and thanks for the info. Is this only for the iphone? Will it be on the computer? Just wondering cause I have bad eyes, I hate squinting lol.

    LOL! Maybe yes, maybe no – For the internet(computer). It’s also on Ipad.

  76. Evilmoosez says:

    Hey where do i get dried mushrooms? Is it from a monster or what? Great guide btw.

  77. Susana says:

    Where do I find clotheing? And how do I put on the robe… I double click but its not letting me!

  78. lynnie says:

    Thanks for the guide! :

  79. GWillikers says:

    Ryla :
    Thanks for the awesome guide! I’ve learnt much from it.
    If anyone is keen about killing spiders for spider silk:
    20 spider silks + 100g = 20 bolts of spider silk (no idea what this does)
    50 spider silks = 4 slot bag
    100 spider silks = 5 slot bag
    1) Get the 5 slot bag for 100 spider silks. It’s worth it. Always handy to carry a bigger bag around for quest items like the pain in the ass small coral later on.
    2) Kill white spiders as they drop 1-5 pieces of spider silk at once. Normal swamp / poisonous spiders only drop 1 piece per kill (I think). White spiders have a lower spawn rate and spawn around near the eastern, southeastern and southern ends of the Marshland.
    Add me as friend! =) Ryla Lv 11 Lanos Mage Bigmama

    Spider Silk Bolts can be used to make Spider Silk Armor in the 2F of the lighthouse. It requires 80 bolts and 80 bones. The mob that drops bones are the skeletons in the 1F and 2F and are approximately level 17.

  80. alora says:


    there is a 1 in the fame section part on my status page. idk wat it means or how i got it.. lol

    HELP :/

    • oonko says:

      it either means that you killed someone or killed a high-lvl monster

      add me as friend on weekends!!! wadangka lanos name tarbu!!!!

  81. Foxx says:

    Got a strange hat… Any ideas anyone??

  82. Pirate locker says:

    How do we open the rusty lock of the abandon pirate ship on the beach???

  83. danny says:

    if any one find out anything put it here http://imotwom.wikia.com/wiki/IMO:_The_World_of_Magic_Wiki so we can collect data

  84. Keita says:

    Does any1 know where to get a lvl 14 long sword with stats?

    • Jedai -Bigmama-Lanos :D says:

      I herd that they are dropped from mutant woppas:
      Located in Wingfril beach and lighthouse area.
      They also drop Composite Bows.

      Longbows though are dropped from: Roopas and woppas.

  85. Jack says:

    Is there a way to remove party members? is there a way to see your party members after you’ve been split up?

  86. lynnie says:

    What is “Protection of Lanos” for? It’s sold by the merchant behind the fountain and I have no clue what it’s for :O

  87. Jezter says:

    There is finally a firebolt II in the black market, but where did that person get it?!?!?!?!

    • Jedai -Bigmama-Lanos :D says:

      I got Firebolt II from “Woopa Chief”.

      He Only spawn’s,near the boat to lanos, and also close to the lanos respawn area.
      Location: (WINGFRIL BEACH-> PVP)

  88. Dragon1214 says:

    Do you know what we can do with seeds / mystic seeds? (from flowers)
    And also the mushroom spores?
    Thank you!

  89. Way says:

    I leveled up to 9 and I didn’t get a Hp or Mp increase. Glitch? Also my gf of the same class has like 8 more hp then me (17 mroe now that I leveled up and didnt get any bonus ho or mp) ):

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      do you guys have the same amount of con/wis?

      • Way says:

        We’re both rangers and we chose the same DEX/CON. However, she made hers after the recent updates.

      • Lynnie says:

        Well actually check your armor, shoes, gloves. They can actually upgrade your health so it can be higher. Like some armies have stats that say:
        12 health
        once added you get an extra 12 health ^^ that’s why armor is important .

  90. Arseniac says:

    Great guide man but there’s one thing bugging the heck outta me. How do you get your hands on volume 4 of the basic skills? (FireStrikeIV, DoubleShotIV and WildSwingIV)
    I’ve been offering 40k for WS4 and nobody even has it.

    • Demolater says:

      Volume 4 skills havnt been released yet.

      • Terra says:

        that’s not true, accoring to the developer from IMO, lvl 4 skiis do exist, but you don’t get the books directly from mobs, you need to collect some rare ingredients dropped by bosses inorder to make lvl 4 spell books.

    • oonko says:

      Wild swing IV=Level Required: 10
      Class Required: Warrior

      How to Obtain:
      The Way of Two Hands 1p: BLACKJUNO or Blacksky
      The Way of Two Hands 2p: WADANGKA
      The Way of Two Hands 3p: Yeti

      Flame Shock IV=Level Required: 5
      Class Required: Magician

      How to Obtain:
      Trade with Kulin the 3 following pages (Ancient book):
      About Levitation 1p – dropped by Mob in Temple of Wingfil
      About Levitation 2p – dropped by BLACKJUNO / Blacksky
      About Levitation 3p – dropped by WADANGKA

      Double Shot IV= Level Required: 5
      Class Required: Ranger

      How to Obtain:
      Turn in Bull’s-Eye 1p, Bull’s-Eye 2p, and Bull’s-Eye 3p to Kulin, as ancient book

  91. volz says:

    dear all, i currently doing my Quest 6, it say need 3 green crystal, 10 green dust, where shall i get those thing? someone mention need a “magic extraction scroll” to get green crystal. where shall i get magic extraction scroll? will any monster drop? or need to purchase from npc? please help! thxxxx

    • Symbol says:

      Ok, you get the scroll from the merchant above the reader in your town, you use the scroll on green named items and it will turn into either green dust or green crystal. But crystal is WAY more rare
      Tools luck :)

  92. volz says:

    Hi Symbol, noted! Thank for your help! =D

  93. Maya says:

    What do u use mushroom spore for??

  94. jack says:

    hi, hmm im wondering what kind of monsters they have in mainland. i really want to go there but does not know if it is worth cos (btw im a level 7 mage ,YoIMJack) if the monsters there are too powerful i will have to waste $$ to come back.

  95. ray says:

    so where can i get a composite bow drop?

    which monsters drop it?
    and which monsters drop bows??

    • Sento23 says:

      Leaf Boars, Angry Leaf Boars = Shortbows
      Woopas, Roopas = Longbows

      That’s what I’ve discovered so far…

      • Sento23 says:

        I’ve heard some others said that Mutant Woopa or what ever its name is, it looks like a Woopa with purple skin, drops a composite bow

  96. Argus says:

    I lost my inkeeper recommndation and i cant give the green crystals and powdera to kulin… Kulin says “get a recommendation from the inkeeper” but the inkeeper tells me that i didnt lost my eecommendation, is just tjat u only use it once… What should i do!???

  97. Jezter says:

    Has anyone ever seen firebolt II I’m desperate!

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      its dropped by monsters inside the lighthouse… very rare though

      • jezter says:

        have you got it before, and by any monster or certian ones?

    • Jedai -Bigmama-Lanos :D says:

      I got FireBolt II from “WOOPA CHIEF”.

      He’s Located Near the boat to lanos and the respawn area in Wingfril Beach. I got it the first time i killed him (lucky, and sold for 60k ^^)-(am level 16 worrior though).

      Recommended level 14+ to kill him solo, you can party him though if you’re lower level.

  98. Jake says:

    So the guy at the beach has a turn in quest of 80 Woppa Scales and 5 Fantastic powders result is Sturdy Woopa Armor. 8 Armor, 20 Health with lev 16 Required. I was of course hoping for a Boots of Speed… Anyone know how to get a 5%+ pair? What is turn ins?

  99. Insane says:

    Firebolt ii is droped by mutant woopas and i think bone guys i also hward flare ii is dropped by some monster on the 2nd floor of lighthouse

  100. jenniegirl22 says:

    Hey does anyone know what joma’s pendant is for???

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      i think its one of the things u need to make lvl 4 skill books

    • Endless says:

      Lmao no u go talk to ratas about the pendant & after u go talk to kulin then at woody/weedy forest theres a statue which takes u to wingfril temple (jomas pendant can only be used once & recommended lvl is 25 …the yetis there are scary O_o )

  101. 123add5 says:

    How do you get flame shock4 and what are dried mushrooms for? Also can u get those pendants for pvp on the beach?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      fs4 you have to make with like lvl 20 monster drops. dried mushroom are for making beer. no pendants are only from bf

      • 123add5 says:

        How much should I offer to buy it?

      • GeorgeJQ says:

        fs4? to tell you the truth i have no idea… ive never seen any sell it, and i dont even think anyone has any lvl4 skill books… but if there was, it’d probably cost at least 20k mabye?

      • Sento23 says:

        i suggest higher 20k, everyone has been desperately looking for it, so if by any chance, higher than 100k

        (I’ve some people sell equipments and charge you like that)

  102. Jak says:

    where does double shot III drop from?

  103. ray says:

    so where can i get lvl 14 bow drop?

  104. darr says:

    i have read that it is best to max str & hp for a warrior. however i have max my str and added to other stat instead of hp since warrior generally have higher hp, will it affect my char build & lvling? tks

  105. jeffg says:

    does anyone know where we can turn our pirate coins into exp? i need coordinates

  106. jack says:

    where do you get double shot volume 4 from? (what drops it) or how much is it to buy? thanks :)

  107. Foxx says:

    How do u gain access to lighthouse dungeon? And wat lvl do u recomend?

  108. 123add5 says:

    What can I get from an old box and how much is it worth?

  109. korean says:

    123add5 :What can I get from an old box and how much is it worth?

    i GOT 10 Woopa Pork meat out of it and i dont know how much you could sell the old box for. But I know you wouldnt sell the box because there could be better items in store for you… :))

  110. danny says:

    sorry but if u guys find anymore helpful info help make this complete http://imotwom.wikia.com/wiki/IMO:_The_World_of_Magic_Wiki

  111. Im in need says:

    What are the cords to find Sandmen? Really appreciate the help

  112. ray says:

    wheres lvl 14 bow drop?

    • Jedai -Bigmama-Lanos :D says:

      Mutant Woopas: Purple woopa thing’s, Drop longswords and Composite bows:-

      -Both rare drops by monster.

  113. 123add5 says:

    How much should i sell 10 woopa pork meat for?

  114. Daer says:

    hey thanks for this really useful guide!

    Anyone knows what the wild boar bbq is for?
    that and the mushroom spores?

    how does the obivion potion work?

    • 123add5 says:

      The oblivion potion erases all the skill points you used and let’s u reuse tthem on different skills like if you had 10 skill points spent and wanted to get rid of A skill and use those skill points on a different skill u could. Also you don’t have to buy the skill booms again either.

  115. Argus says:

    Hahaha my problem is solved but now i want to know what is the old female ring for?? I have one.. Also can u add a map with marks about the lighthouse dungeon to get to that grave that siro wants you to get?? Thanks

  116. helphelp please says:

    where can I get impact shot II??

  117. Juan says:

    Does anyone know where is the pirate hat quest??? I really need to know!!!
    Thanks!!! ^^

  118. BlackMike1 says:

    What do I need to find at the light house for the main quest

  119. hero says:

    where does wsIII for worrior drop from ? thx

  120. 123add5 says:

    How much xp does every 10 pirate coins give you cause I have 40 and I’m lv 10 so I can’t find out >.<

  121. Breakof0 says:

    Ok I have a lv 7 ranger with double shot3 and nuthing else, what other skills should I get with 3 skill points

  122. Logan says:

    I am going around the beach and this guy says I need more pieces of old cloth
    is there a piece of old cloth D if so where do I find it

  123. klau says:

    This may be a stupid question or may be asked before…
    but are the items from the traders sold in terms of real money or gold earned in the game?

  124. Breakof0 says:

    Were can I get impact shot 2 and weakness 2? I really need to know. And you really need to make a guide that tells what monsters drop what, it would be awsome if you did :D

  125. abellar says:

    hey how can you make hardened woopa roopas

  126. Perminance says:

    Hey guys, great guide, but i have picked up a ‘Kooii Card 10′ and have no idea what it is for, there is an NPC called Pitpat Kooii at 1500,1010 just southeast of wood-weedy village that asks for a Koii card set.. has any 1 completed this? and what do u recieve.

    also what is the item quality difference from handing in 5 heavy leather and handing in 10 heavy leather, because i currently have 7 and what to know whether it is worth saving up for the 10.

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      its for a quest i think… u need a whole set of koii cards to give to some koii npc. i dont think anyone has ever finished it though

      • jedai says:

        you hand all cards you recieve a koii ring Gives you one Armour and gives an ilusion of a little pink koii on youre head.

      • Erica says:

        How many cards are in the set and do you get all the cards from the regular Kooii in the village? Or do you have to kill the Kooiis in the Lighthouse?

    • Perminance says:

      nvm found out what the heavy leather hand-in’s are,
      10 = leather boots (2 armor)
      5 = leather gloves (haven’t gotten these but i presume they are 2 armor value as well)
      as for the cards i haven’t found any more, perhaps there are other kinds of Kooii further in the game… i can see this quest won’t be an easy one

      • jedai says:

        Leather Craftsmen:-
        5 cured leather:
        Leather belt(a little rare) 1 Armour Level 4
        Old Leather Boots 1 Armour Level 4
        Old Leather Gloves 1 Armour Level 4
        And a chance of receiving Heavy Leather.

        5 Heavy Leather:
        Leather Gloves 2 Armour Level 7

        10 Heavy Leather:
        Leather Boots 2 Armour Level 7

        BOAR’S TAILS:-
        5 cured boars tails:
        Old Woolly Boots 1 Armour Level 5
        Old Woolly Gloves 1 Armour Level 5
        -Random chance receiving a Small bag (Hold’s 4 More Item’s) sell’s good also.

        Spider Silk:-
        40 Bolts Of Spider Silk:
        Small Bag (Hold’s 4 Item’s)

        100 Bolts Of Spider Silk
        Spider Silk Bag ( Hold’s 5 Item’s)

      • Perminance says:

        Also jedai once i handed in 5 cured leather and recieved a small bag (4 slot bag)

    • Snowbeauty says:

      you have to collect kooii card 10, K, A, and Q. in return, you will recieve a kooii hat. Card A is SUPER rare. if you buy it in black trader, its at least 100,000. i got the donguri set…

  127. Lynnie says:

    Where are sand man? I search for them but always get killed by woopas and roopas ><

  128. tigerlilly says:

    hi, congratz on the great game guide! your Q&A really help alot as well.
    I am currently a level 6 mage. I want to ask what level can i start wearing D grade armors & weapons? and what is the starting level for C grade armors & weapon?
    Theres probably going to be B grade and A grade later on as the game process / later updates.
    i hope in the next few updates they will include ware houses (to store items), quest log, in game, game guide. Its very frustrating when your doing a quest and you have no idea where to go, who to look for. It annoys the heck outta me when i pick up items and dont know what its for!

    • Erica says:

      Armor/Weapon D is under lv 10. C is under lv 20 (between 10 and 20). I guess B would be under lv 30?

  129. jedai says:

    jedai :
    Leather Craftsmen:-
    5 cured leather:
    Leather belt(a little rare) 1 Armour Level 4
    Old Leather Boots 1 Armour Level 4
    Old Leather Gloves 1 Armour Level 4
    And a chance of receiving Heavy Leather.
    5 Heavy Leather:
    Leather Gloves 2 Armour Level 7
    10 Heavy Leather:
    Leather Boots 2 Armour Level 7
    5 cured boars tails:
    Old Woolly Boots 1 Armour Level 5
    Old Woolly Gloves 1 Armour Level 5
    -Random chance receiving a Small bag (Hold’s 4 More Item’s) sell’s good also.
    Spider Silk:-
    40 Spider Silk:
    Small Bag (Hold’s 4 Item’s)
    100 Spider Silk
    Spider Silk Bag ( Hold’s 5 Item’s)

  130. jedai says:

    I made a mistake on Bolts of Spider Silk. Should have been just Spider Silk.

    • Perminance says:

      do u know what the Bolts of Spider Silk is for? (i created a stack thinking i needed them for the bags)

      • Jedai -Bigmama-Lanos :D says:

        Yes! I think its either 80-100 bolts of silk and 80 bones. Make Spider Silk Bone Armour, for Level 16 ranger.

        You exchange these to a NPC second floor of lighthouse dungeon. Look for a door in the walls, that look’s as though it’s open and walk into it. Which will take you into a room.

  131. Dragon1214 says:

    Great guide.
    But can you add more info about quests on the mainland? That would be really helpful. Thank you!!

  132. Psicom says:

    Hey thanks Man very good tuto but im desespered with the fucking firebolt II woopa chief n mutant never drop… Im premium member n i got a Life! Some guys are selling it 250K! Sniiiif also someone CAN tell me how i CAN make the special Woopa roopa staff ?!! What i need and where is the npc?im not english LOL thnks

  133. Maya says:

    do you know what mystic seeds, and seeds are used for? i have tons and i don’t know if i should just sell them or not.

  134. Lynnie says:

    What are mystic stones for? I got one from a sandman :0 what quest do you use them
    for? If you can xD

    • joe says:

      mystic stones u can exchange them with kulin in mushroom land, most time he gives u recall roll while sometimes u will get a enhancement roll!!
      it’s also needed in kulins quest

  135. joe says:

    quite useful guide!
    i’m at lvl 14 and find it’s hard to lvl up, i can go into light house now but dun know where to complete the ques that kulin says “tell me if u find nything”

    • GWillikers says:

      You will not complete that quest for some time. You will have to go to at least level 5 and it has mob with level 29 or higher. Leveling at 14 can be done in lanos plains where you can kill crows. Take the ship for 777 from the beach and enjoy your stay.

      • Siras says:

        For the longest time I was like where the hell are these crows? But there only found in lanos plains. In Siras there are foxes and young foxes you can train with.

        For anyone who was wonderin the same thing :)

  136. avinash says:

    What are ingrediants for wild swing 4??????????

  137. avinash says:

    Also What do i do with old cloth A,B,C ???????????????????

    • Erica says:

      You talk to the guy at the resprawn place (Ratas for Siras), the one that you trade in pirate coins with. He tells you you have a map to the pirate ship now. Go to Radin and talk to him. He’ll mention buying a Rusty Key (5k). Buy it to get into the pirate ship. Follow the map. :)

      • Lynnie says:

        What level should I be to enter the pirate ship?=o I heard there are pretty had monsters there XD

      • avinash says:

        But he is stuck in some info on his brother so i cant get to him

      • Perminance says:

        @ Avinash, but your character needs to be at least lvl 11 b4 u can hand them in, i had the came problem

    • GWillikers says:

      Level 18 or better for pirate ship.

  138. Lonewolf says:

    Should i make a new account to max out dex and con for ranger?

  139. Lonewolf says:

    oh yea how to u get fame and u know those icons on the left of ur names how do u like make 2 or 3 arrows like thing. blue in lanos and orange in siras.

    • GWillikers says:

      Fame is obtained by killing the opposing factions players (Lanos kills Siras, Siras kills Lanos). The bars next to the name are increased when your fame goes above 300 (two bars) 1000 (three bars) etc etc. Killing noobs does not increase your honor/fame, only killing people of same or better level.

  140. avinash says:

    anyone knw good robes for a mage??????????????????

  141. Jay says:

    How do you get pirate hat and how do you get hardened woppa scales?

    • GWillikers says:

      Pirate hat is obtained by collecting Pirate A, K, Q, J, and 10 cards and feeding it to the chest in the pirate ship (room that uses red beeswax to enter). The Ace (A) is obtained in a random drop from the Boss of that area (room with the black beeswax). Black beeswax can be obtained by feeding pirate coins into the box in the red beeswax room. You can also get cards from it.

      Hardened woopa scales are obtained by adding one mystic oil to one woopa roopa scale. It must be done one at a time and cannot be done 20 to 20. Tedious, I know. 80 hardened woopa and 5 fantastic powders gives sturdy woopa armor (level 17 i think with 8 armor). 50 hardened woopa with 3 fantastic gives intensified woopa helm with variable strength enhancement.

  142. avinash says:

    wht is gud armor ,glove,shoe for lvl 10 warrior?????????????????????

    • GWillikers says:

      Sturdy armor with enhancements (armor enchant D x4) with a blunt sword (4+ and critical). Use leather shoes, do not enhance because eventually you will want speedy boots. Leather shoes with 10 heavy leather from the leather maker. Leather gloves are sufficient, and do not enchant with armor scrolls because sturdy leather gloves are better especially if they have a hitrate enhancement and you get them at level 13 (I think). Grab a belt and a cloak of health. Both drop in the mushroom caves, which is a good place to level because they also have high gold drops so you can purchase some things. Good luck

  143. avinash says:

    Where is knee cap in mushroom spore for the lost phantom????????????????

    • Falina says:

      Okay You Go To the dungeon in mush room marshland lvl 8 up or ur dead lol You hav to Kill White Bat which is also a Minnie boss other monster in the dungeon won’t drop it only the white bat can. Once you got the knee cap give it to the lost phantom and she will give u a old hat 1 armor

  144. avinash says:

    Where do i get woody sword????????? Which monster drops it???????????

  145. Psicom says:


    • GWillikers says:

      That is the respawn location when dying in both places. Its annoying and frustrating, but that’s the way it goes. Take more healing items (or a mage).

  146. GWillikers says:

    No mob drops Woody sword as far as I know. Only blunt swords with variable enchant and critical. Woody sword can be purchased from arms dealer in the village for about 2,000.

  147. GWillikers says:

    avinash :
    Where is knee cap in mushroom spore for the lost phantom????????????????

    Kneecap drops from white bat. It is a rare drop and may take many white bat kills to get it. The reward is an “old hat” with possible stat enhancers (strength, int, etc)

  148. Saskilas says:

    Where do I find Poscar? I’ve been all over that beach and I just can’t find him. Not to mention, I also keep getting killed by woopas in the process. :/

  149. Jesse says:

    Do you have Details on the dungeons

  150. avinash says:

    Perminance :
    @ Avinash, but your character needs to be at least lvl 11 b4 u can hand them in, i had the came problem

    Oh thnx. now he is takin the old cloth.

  151. Karin says:

    How can you get the little star thingie next to some of the peoples name??? P. S. What is that?

    • GWillikers says:

      You get the stars when you kill the opposing faction players in battlefield. You get two stars for each kill, and you lose two for each death.

  152. zzzz says:

    I’m level 14 Mage and I’ve Been fighting wools in the light house for like 5 hr straight and I keep on dying.. Do u know where to get good equips (armor and stuff) with armour > 1 cos my total armour is only 11 now…zzz

    • GWillikers says:

      I have no clue what a wool is, however, you can enchant your armor with Armor Enchant D or C scrolls at that level. These scrolls are random drops from mob, or you can trade Kulin 5 feathers or 3 pages in the marshland for a rare armor or weapon scroll. Usually he gives you recall scrolls, occasionally he will give you an armor enchant D or weapon enchant d scroll. Many mob in the marsh drop feathers, so they are easy to find. You may not be a high enough level to train in the lighthouse. I don’t have any specific help for Mages because I don’t have experience with them, but hopefully adding some armor will help.

    • Erica says:

      Try getting a good Magician Staff too to increase your attack. You might want to train at the beach and level up to 15 first (with Flare) before going to the lighthouse. I’m a level 15 (almost 16) mage and i need to party to survive in the lighthouse. Find a good Cloak of Health (dropped randomly by the Mushroom Flowers in the Mushroom Spore) for extra hp. Other than that, enchant your armor/weapon as GWillikers said.

  153. avinash says:

    what are the rare ingredients for wild swing 4???????????//

  154. avinash says:

    what are the rare ingredients for wild swing 4???????????

    • GWillikers says:

      I have not heard of anyone having Wild Swing 4 yet. Don’t worry about it because you won’t have it until at least >level 30.

  155. Brau says:

    How can i get Fantastic Tower?? I need 5

    • GWillikers says:

      Fantastic powders are obtained by trading Sleepy Kooii doll to Yuri or Juri in the main village. Each Sleepy Kooii gives two fantastic powders. Sleepy Kooii dolls are dropped randomly from Sleep Kooii’s in the Lighthouse level 2. Occasionally ancient boxes in Lighthouse level 4 or 5 will have a fantastic powder in them as well.

  156. avinash says:

    what are donguri cards????? i hav a card Q.

    • GWillikers says:

      If you have Donguri cards A, K, Q, J, 10 you can trade them to a donguri NPC for a Donguri Hat. I’m not sure where the Donguri NPC is, but my guess is its somewhere in the first forest training area. Good luck.

      • Erica says:

        You trade it to “Pitpat Kooii” in the Woody forest. (You also trade for the Kooii hat here.)

  157. Erica says:

    Is there any guide on the mainland yet? Everyone talks about killing crows at level 14 or so but i don’t know where they are. The foxes and flowers are always killing me first before i travel far enough to find them. Am i just looking in the wrong direction?

    • Sento23 says:

      For Lanos, its Continental Bulldozers, Crows, Redeye Gosumi, so its basically different for Siras fields since it has foxes and flowers that you were talking about.
      I have been a Siras once but only got thru level 11, then i switched to Lanos in a different server.

  158. milkyman says:

    what monsters drop “Crystal Scale”?
    is it from chief woopa-roopa?

  159. muchomario says:

    do you know if there is a Flame shock volume IV? if so do you know where i can get it?

  160. Sento23 says:

    What requirements do you need to get a Donguri Hat, and what are the stats of the equipment?

  161. Sento23 says:

    Any suggestion how to make money income faster and easier?
    What could be the best weapon and main equipment for a level 15 Ranger to have?
    Best choice of skills for a Ranger?
    Appreciate if anyone could help out.

  162. tamster says:

    tell me what skills i should do for ranger….please and thank yu

  163. Brau says:

    How do I get a good armor for ranger (archer) level 18

    • Sento23 says:

      Well, i heard about the silk bone armor.
      You will need 80 spider silks and 80 bones to make it.
      I heard that you trade it to a merchant in the Light House 2F below, which i haven’t got through yet.
      Another, if you have a sturdy leather armor, just enhance it and its armor will add up. (just suggesting if you can’t get the silk bone armor)

  164. tamster says:

    add me — tamster

  165. tamster says:

    should i but the oblivion potion?

    • Sento23 says:

      Only for specific use, if you want to redo all of your skills for your character.
      It would be a waste of money if you buy it for no reason.

  166. Thagalogkid says:

    Is there a way to hange or edit or allocate the beginning stats we made like str, dex, con, wis, int??

  167. Karin1996 says:

    What are the arrows or wtever that thing is Next to our names? I know that yellow Inès are for siras and blue is for lanos. Why are some other players have different patterns?

    • Sento23 says:

      They earn them by killing the opposing realm at the same level or higher.
      I think you earn 2 stripes for 30 kills, and 3 for 100, and idk the rest…

      • Erica says:

        I heard the arrow things are for fame. You can get fame by killing the other faction or joining the battlefield. I think it’s about 300 fame for the second arrow and 1000 for the third? Something like that. Fame can be found on your status page, next to the two swords.

        You also lose fame when you die (get killed by the other faction). I’m not sure if you lose any by dying from monsters (maybe very little?).

        You also have to kill someone higher/equal level to gain (more?) fame.

      • Sento23 says:

        Nahh, you don’t lose fame when killed by monster, and I gave the wrong info. Erica is right.

  168. Sento23 says:

    Anyone can give me direction how to start Siro’s Request 1 in the Light House?
    I know I have to get to 2F, but where in 2F? There is a maze and I can’t seem to get through, and I also keep dying from skeletons and other beasts.
    What level do you suggest should I enter and armor?

  169. Sento23 says:

    What monster drops swirling bow?
    What npc sells swirling bow, and how much? (aside from black trader)

  170. Sento23 says:

    Jedai -Bigmama-Lanos :D :I herd that they are dropped from mutant woppas:Located in Wingfril beach and lighthouse area.They also drop Composite Bows.
    Longbows though are dropped from: Roopas and woppas.

    I got a +1 longsword from woopa by chance.

  171. Erica says:

    Argus :
    Hahaha my problem is solved but now i want to know what is the old female ring for?? I have one.. Also can u add a map with marks about the lighthouse dungeon to get to that grave that siro wants you to get?? Thanks

    Just reposting the question by Argus. What’s the “Old Female Ring” for? No one answers when i asked on chat and i now have 3. Is it used to make something?

  172. aro says:

    I didnt buy the starters pack so i cant use the trader is there any other way i can use the traders

  173. Jessica says:

    were can i get the kneecab ???? the lost gohst told me to look for it at the mushroom cave and i got in the cave and looked for it and never find it !!!! were is it !!????

    • GWillikers says:

      The kneecap is dropped from a white bat in the mushroom caves. They spawn sporadically and the drop rate is relatively low. The reward for the kneecap is an Old Hat with 1 dex, 1 str, OR 1 int.

  174. tamster says:

    What is the 1 or 2 in front of a weapon mean? Also what does hiadrite or hidriate mean?

    • tamster says:

      Oops I actually meant hitrate

    • GWillikers says:

      If there is a +1, +2, etc in front of the weapon, it increased the base damage by that number. For instance if you have a +3 Composite bow that hits 3-12 in the stats, then it will actually hit at 6-15. You can max out your weapons with weapon enchant scrolls up to level 6 safely, if you try for +7 it may cause your weapon to become ash and no longer exist.

      Hitrate allows you to hit mob that are above your level. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but it will allow you to kill level 17 mob if you are a level 14 warrior, for instance.

  175. Karin1996 says:

    I am level 13 from the siras side. Where exactly is the mainland? I took the boat and I reached the forest. Where am I supposed to go next?

  176. Karin1996 says:

    In some small boxes next to the skills on the skill page in main menu,, some are red and some are black in color, it seems that only the skills with red boxes can be used. Why is that?

    • Sento23 says:

      Red means you have already learned the skill, black means you only have read the skill book but did not double tap the skill, and cannot be used until the box is red

  177. Nightmare13 says:

    how can i get money fast and im lvl 13 what monsters should i fight to lvl FAST

    • tamster says:

      Monsters that have their name in black or blue are at a ideal lvl for you to train on.
      Having a blue name means the monsters lvl is a little lower than yours so you get about 1 exp per monster. While monsters with black names are the same lvl as you and they give you 5 exp each

  178. ManolisNOS says:

    Gree crystals can also be bought from black trader so you can ask from a premium member to buy you some

  179. Random guy says:

    Hey could someone help me out I’m a warrior lvl6 and when I made my charecter I didn’t put all of my skill points on str and con should I just delete him and restatt again? Because apperently I won’t warriors don’t need the other stats right? The help is appreciated

    • tamster says:

      Yeah only strength and constitution is needed. But if you’re doing well right now it’s fine.

  180. Dash says:

    Im a ranger lvl 14 and i looked through some of the comments but didn’t have time to go through all. This helped a lot but i was wondering where you can find impact shot 2 weakness 2 and it seems mage books drop so much more than ranger or warrior books.

  181. tamster says:

    What are the must have skills for a ranger?

    Add me! Bigmama > lanos > tamster

  182. Aaron says:

    How do you get lvl four books plz help

  183. Karin1996 says:

    Where can I find fire bolt II ?
    Is there other ways to find them even if I did not buy starter pack?

  184. Davez says:

    Ok I have a few answers and a couple questions. IV volumes (Ex: double shot IV) Are make-able, yes you have to make them, don’t ask where because that goes far beyond my level. Possibly for level 35. Also all skills for level 5 or below volume II is found at reader Hal to the west of town. An easy way to make money for level 10 or below would be farming Leaf Boars, Kooiis and Donguri Bushes they drop armour and weapons which can be sold for a pretty price. Level 10 and up would be the bats they drop enchant scrolls but only class D. The crows drop enchant scrolls that are class F mutant gosumis drop scrolls that are class C and B I’m not sure what drops class A enchant scrolls. Ice prison II is found by killing mutant roopas. Impact shot II is found by killing ravens. Carnivalize II is found by killing Redeyed Gosumis. The fortifying drink is found by killing the White Crow. Mittens are dropped by Red Crabs. Other odd wear such as Bunny Rabbit Ears or Kitty Ears or Poo Hat or Sunglasses etc. Are dropped by higher level monsters. Double shot III or anyother skills level 10 and up I haven’t found any volume III’s yet. If you’re lucky enough to find someone selling one then that’s your chance. But finally my question to you is… Where is the entrace to the pirate ship? Being a high level as I am I only trained I never looked around. I can’t find the pirate ship entrance even though it’s probably right under my nose! Well if anyone sees this and is atleast level 20 he/she knows what I’m talkin about. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Sento23 says:

      uhm, one objection from the fortifying drink.
      A crow dropped one. Very RARE though.
      And the entrance for the pirate ship, is at the beach (500,1300) and face the rock on water. Once you faced it, you can walk on the water. After that, walk on coordinates (330,1340) and face towards north. Then just follow where it leads to and there you see the Pirate Ship.

  185. Thagalogkid says:

    How to get or make Thorns 3 for Rangers??? Anyone? Please and Thanks!!!

    • Sento23 says:

      Well, there is one at the Battlefield Supervisor in Siras/Lanos Village. Trade 60 pendants of honor for Thorns 3. I haven’t heard of Thorns 3 dropped by any kind of monster or sold by npc.

  186. Ravensilk says:

    I tried to find it on this list already, so forgive me if this has been asked; i really did try to find the answer!


    once you go to the mainland, can you return to the beginners island?

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      yes you can, its also 777g

      • Sento23 says:

        You can also use a recall scroll, unless you haven’t talked to the inkeeper and set the village as your returning location, you wont have to pay 777g.

      • Ravensilk says:

        Thanks for the reply, definitely alleviates my anxieties, i am waaaay to anal when it comes to stuff like this lol. no quest can be unturned, no monster can be walked away from until i can kill it with a glance…unfortunately that means i spend waaaaay to much time poking at pointless crap….oh well ^.^

  187. D says:

    I have 100 spider silk but when I try to give it to her she says I need boar hair , so I went and got a stack and still the same reply? What gives

  188. Enchant? says:

    I have what I beleave are enchant materials but need specifics on how it works , do I need to combine any of the material to make it work?

  189. babiix says:

    hey, what’s a volume III skill book usually worth?

  190. tamster says:

    what does intensifying something do to it? for example should a intensify the coral ring or sell it and keep the ring that gives me +6 health

  191. Sento23 says:

    where can you find great bow?

  192. Thagalogkid says:

    Where can we find great bows and swirling bows? What drops them?

    • Sento23 says:

      Great bows are found from spectors in light house 3f.
      Swirling bows are found from Blackskull, Gray skeletons, or Small Skeletons in light house 1f.

  193. Thagalogkid says:

    What drops longswords?

  194. Ausin says:

    How do you get the damaged phamphlets or whatever they’re called?

  195. Ausin says:

    What do u do with d grade symbols

  196. Thagalogkid says:

    Lol senta23 u from siras? Lol. Umm

  197. Thagalogkid says:

    What drops sharp longswords??

  198. Ausin says:

    I’m lvl 7 ranger siras devilang and I’ve been attacked by lanos while I’m in the woody wordy village how do I attack back.

  199. Thagalogkid says:

    What is better for a warrior def/armor or health?

  200. Thagalogkid says:

    What is old female ring for and how do we do the quests in Lighthouse to get Belt and Ring (soulbound)??

    • 16Stones says:

      it’s a long process, but here is where you can start:

      for Soul Ring you need to have old female bone and old female ring (dropped by violet donguri) then talk to the npc on the first floor, figure out the rest

      for the belt, kill Madgar, talk to Siro, npc first floor then figure out the rest

  201. jennkekek says:

    At Wingfril Island Beach, I know its a pvp arena, and people are wearing these colored hats, is it to protect you? Also, some people’s names are colored (red, black etc) How?

    • 16Stones says:

      hats are head gears, consider it as some armor to reduce damage, along with other gears such as armors, shoes, cape, etc.

      break down of the font:
      red – killed somebody
      gray – killed somebody and died
      violet – attacked somebody but wasn’t able to kill.

  202. OxenAdef says:

    How do u get The mystic stone and ancient thing for kilon

  203. Twinkles says:

    My daughter bought the starter pack and got a diaper…does anyone know what that is for? She is really disappointed. :(

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      i think ur referring to the pervet helmet… its actually headgear, so u equip it and its basically underwear on your head

    • 16Stones says:

      Well, personally, they are of all the same value, it’s random, Cat ears, or bunny ears, raider (rider) hat, pervert hat, poo hat. i am not sure you can trade it with bunny ears, however you look at it, bunny ears look more pleasing. In bigmama server, bunny ears are 10k or lower. and since you bought a starter pack, you can also go to black trader, check it there how much it’s worth. hope this helps.

  204. chris says:

    I have request 4 for kulin to talk to poscar at the beach. It says to “bring this stone to poscar” but when i talk to poscar he doesn’t do anything so i cant go on with the quest. do you know what stone he is talking about? plz help!! I really wanna get into the light house!!

    Also how do you find cloth C?

    • Sento23 says:

      find cloth c from island with the lighthouse, not inside the light house, just the area around the light house.

    • Piscies says:

      I’ve had the same problem before, cuz i must have thrown the other piece of quest paper away accidentally. U will get the paper after u have done kulin quest 3… In the end, i got to do the whole quest again (starting from the innkeeper’s recommendation), which take at most 15 minutes..cuz they weren’t difficult anymore….

  205. chris says:

    what key unlocks the pirate ship entrance? It says “there is a rusty lock at the entrance”

  206. sctg says:

    how much does coral dust usually cost?

  207. sctg says:

    how much does coral dust cost?

    • GWillikers says:

      Obviously it depends on the going rate in your server, but typically in Bigmama I have recently seen them go for 15k-25k.

  208. jennkekek says:

    what are the hats that everyone wears at wingfril island beach? :O
    they all look the same except different color…
    and why does everyone wear the old hat there? -__-

  209. joe says:

    does anyone know who is making lizard glove??i collected lizard leathers but can;t find the maker.someone told me its at light house 2F,but non one in that room make lizard things

  210. LanosWadangka says:

    What drops Katana and slam ii? While you’re at it, what drops gladius? (asking in advance)

    • GWillikers says:

      All level 20 weapons are dropped by Spectors on third floor of the Lighthouse.

      All level 27 weapons are dropped by Fighter Mummies on the 5th floor of the lighthouse.

      Slam II is dropped by Mutant Woopas on the beach. Obviously all of these are rare drops.

      I leveled 2 xp levels in the fifth floor and killed Fighter Mummies on a regular basis. I got one weapon drop (Level 27 Mystic Wand)

  211. lala says:

    how do people from siras get to lanos plains??

  212. Death The Kid says:

    Hey ibreally love this game but I can’t seem to figure out how to spend my gold and how to sell could you help me?

  213. Piscies says:

    I have no idea wt siras are, and how you identify them.
    I just know that I sometimes get killed at the beach by some unknown players, and I have no idea what is happening. Really need some explanation!!

    • Sento23 says:

      There is a color on the left side of your name that represents your realm.
      The color of Lanos is blue while the color of Siras is red.
      You would also know that they’re Siras if they can’t talk to you or you can’t talk to them.
      Also if they have stars on their name, it has the color red or blue. That can also be used to identify their realm.

      • Piscies says:

        Thx a lot, I also want to ask about the patch of colour next to box for someone, wt do they mean? The patch of colours have numbers on them.

      • Sento23 says:

        those patches are the stars that I’m reffering to.

  214. Carlosc105 says:

    i got lucky enough to find Impact Shot II.

    For all those archers out there looking for Impact shot II, i found it by killing a raven in lanos plains haha good luck. i sold it for 800k on black trader woot woot woot

  215. Carlosc105 says:

    Everybody should pitch in there finds on skill books so we can map out the games drops.

    • 16Stones says:

      yup there is… if you try to google (you know type in your address bar, http://www.google.com) “imo wiki” you can actually arrive to a wiki site that half of the questions here could have been answered if people try to search more using their eyes rather that their mouth (figuratively speaking)

  216. JoseCuervo says:

    can I increase the bonus of a item? e.g : a 4 sturdy leather armor with 5health. can I raise the health? and can I add a MP bonus too? how?

    • 16Stones says:

      yes, but it could turn to ash (by chance). if it turned to ash don’t blame me… it means your item was destroyed in the process.

  217. Scarlett says:

    Hey everyone great Job!!!! I went to beach try to trade my pirate coins but i cant because others players just are killing me, T.T and i cant trade scale because they kill me. I’m lvl 12 warrior and mage 10 what can i do? I Herad about head gears where can i get one of those thx :)

    • 16Stones says:

      apparently, we have so many losers in this world, that the only way they can feel good about their selves is by killing lower levels. so, just wait until they get too tired of killing. for the head gears, you can get it from quest, monster drop, or see my answer at the bottom of your question.

  218. MIYOON says:

    how do you get cat or bunny ears?

    • 16Stones says:

      the only way you can get bunny ears, wings(halo), cat ears, poo hat, perv hat, raider hat(car hat) is by purchasing a starter pack. if you want to get your hands on it, wait for somebody to sell, it. they are not some kind of drop for a monster.

  219. RzJ says:

    hey any one here noe what blackskull drops other den swirly bow,and were does he respawn at,if an exact location den coordinates?

    i also want to noe how to get crystal dust

    no disrespect but if you aren’t sure about the answer to this question den don’t reply to it kause i don’t wanna be driven by wrong answers,thankx all and nice work

    • 16Stones says:

      for blackskull: joma’s pendant, black skull, black skull design… and such, last time i killed it, it gave me potion bag too. at least those i am sure.

  220. percyjacksonluvah says:

    what’s the best way to get coins? I really need some. ;-;

  221. Karen says:

    Why do some people who have different color in their names attack me? How can I kill them?

  222. kaoswolf says:

    hi im just wondering how do you actually log out of the game

  223. lala says:

    what does the number or arrows next to a person’s name mean?

    • Sento23 says:

      The arrows represents the rank of that person.
      The numbers are just battlefield points that you earn for killing a person in the battlefield.

  224. Killer says:

    Hey, what’s the market price of bull rush 3 skill book?

  225. Sento23 says:

    If you are wondering what a mystic seeed is for, mystic seed is a key entrance to light house 4f. For those who have found the “Ancient Statue”, you tap it and tap the sentence that says, “place the miraculous seed.” Wait for the server to load and tada, you’re in 4f of light house.

  226. Caleb says:

    The old guy in town won’t take the beer that I got for him in the mission and idk what to do… Help please

    • 16Stones says:

      it needs “special” beer, you need 10 dried mushroom for it, exchange those mushroom in from the guy beside the inn keeper. and there you have it

  227. Annonymous says:

    My iPod has the little white wheel and u just said no comment but I want to know how to play

  228. Ushi says:

    i was wondering, they have all kinds of hats like donguri hats & stuff, it’s not from the starters box so where can u actually get it ( besides buying it)

    & also, the firebolt I can be found where?

    & what r the stars (i think i know but just asking to be sure)

    • 16Stones says:

      for the hats, those are quest items… eg: to create a pirate hat, you need all five pirate cards(10, J, Q, K, A) exchange it to the box in pirate ship 2. for the rest, please figure it out. and how to get the cards, well, that’s another story.

      for firebolt 1. i am not sure what lvl you are. but all the lvl 1 skills could be purchased at Reader Hal in Village, Reader Hal in Beach, Reader Hal in Castle.

      this has been answered a couple of times, star and the number beside it signifies the number of people you killed in the battle field (x 2 eg. if you killed one, you’ll get 2 stars)

  229. Ushi says:

    Omg. I cannot find where to trade my pirate coins. About to go crazy Dx

  230. daikibr2 says:

    Erica :
    I just did it and he gives a random potion for it. I got Mango Water. For 20 min, increases critical 4.

    its not random…..

  231. Killer says:

    Hello, so what’s a suitable for a mage between lvl 13~20? Will Donguri(the mana regeneration type) be the best hat? Oh, and it’s pretty difficult to train a mage at lvl 13. So where’s the most suitable training ground for them? I tried to kill roopas and woopas and died many times, lost quite a fair bit of experience. :P

  232. Ushi says:

    16Stones :
    if you’re Siras, it’s Ratas, the NPC guy near the respawn in the beach.

    just found out
    u gotta be lvl 11 and up to trade. no wonder @.@
    or else the guy only says stuff

    • Sento23 says:

      Once you have leveled to 15 though, even if you trade pirate coins you wont be able to recieve experience points.

      • Ushi says:

        Right. Since it said 11-14. But it’s pretty hard training when u’re higher but since the skills have wayyy too little damage.
        Wondering where is the easiest place to train but still survive.
        I’m a Mage at lvl 15 though

  233. Ushi says:

    ok, so u do the supplies quest or whatever
    and he gives u like a symbol, idk but mines c-grade symbol
    does anyone know what’s it for?

  234. avinash says:

    how to get ancient coins??????????

  235. jdmjunior1 says:

    what do i do if i dropped my quest scroll idk how 2 keep doing the quest now

  236. Piscies says:

    Wt is the best monster to train with when I am level 16?
    Cuz i was killing the gosumis at level 15 (in Lanos Plains). I tried to kill skeletons in the lighthouse when I am level 16, but I think it was quite tough.
    What recommendations would you have?

  237. kysan says:

    i started a guild on my new character kysan2 and i wanted to make two people and officer so i went into the menu and clicked on guild. then on the menu in the guild menu to bring up choices. i tapped on delegate and entered the name of one of the people but it said that that person is not an officer of the guild. so i am condused and dont know how im supposed to be able to do this? i just want them to be able to add people to the guild and such. help please!!

  238. Piers says:

    Where is the pvp beach???

  239. lala says:

    how do you get arrows next to your name?

  240. zgr81 says:

    what do u do with muhroom spore, unkown soil, hard scales, and mystic oil.

  241. Marbles3oh3 says:

    how do you find the bulldozer or the bulldozers brother?

  242. Marbles3oh3 says:

    how do you find the bulldozer or the bulldozers brother? were can u find them?

    • LuckyBoy19 says:

      They respawn once per hour at either woody weedy forest. I heard that they respawn around 1000,1600 co-ordinates more often than other places. But so far all i got was gold from them.

  243. Tee says:

    How do you sign up for a battle or atleast make a reservation? Thank you

  244. Zacx666 says:

    You dont get red coral by trading 10 Small corals anymore it gives u a coral ring i got two rings that giv 1 armor but monsters do drop them i got a drop from a woopa
    ps. do not go on my site it sucks

  245. BlackFang says:

    This is sooooo HELPFUL! thanks you all. Pls keep me posted!

  246. Tee says:

    How Do I complete the 3rd part of Siro Request to find the heart from a skeleton on the first floor I’ve killed every skeleton almost throughout and no heart.

    • Avinash says:

      u hav to kill Madgar a special skeleton who though looks the same is stronger and u can see his name in name bar.

  247. ViosAngel says:

    I just started 2 days ago and I am hooked. This is so much like maple story. Only disadvantage for me is the small iPhone screen. ^^

  248. Jasval says:

    What is dried soil n unknown soil for

  249. Hoishi says:

    UUmmm…i heard from soeone that you can change your hair is it true and wear?

  250. Jessezon says:

    SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!???????
    Ok so I have done most of the main quest, I went to poscar and he printed the stone and I have the stone in my inventory, but when I go give it to kulin, he says, “have you met with poscar yet!”. WHAT DO I Do!!!!! :(:(:(:(

    • MYUNG says:

      i have the same problem……anyone can help us???

    • MYUNG says:

      ah! i just figured out!
      i had both kulin request 4 AND poscars request sheets in my bag. I just threw poscar’s request sheet away, and talk to Kulin. it worked!! YES!!

  251. Jessezon says:

    Nevermind! I have to get kulin green crystals and powders but when I try to give them to him it says, “go get a recommendation!” WTF!!!!!!!!! I’m getting so frustrated I have spent like 100k on this quest and it’s not working!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  252. Jessezon says:

    Anyone!!!! I can’t play until this is solved! I have all the green crystals and powders and mystic stone, but he won’t take them! Ahhh

  253. Caleb says:

    how much experience do the ten pirate coins give? im a lvl ten ranger and have like eight of them so should i sell for cash or wait for the experience?

  254. blah says:

    how do you trade with other players?

    • LuckyBoy19 says:

      click on the other player and click the action button. use the D-pad down to trade and click action again. then just drag items into the box.

  255. John says:

    Hi sorry for this noob question, but how do you perform a Trade between another player? I mean.. how to exchange items, and buy items from the other party using gold? I’m just not sure what to do during the Trade screen… thanks…

    • Falina says:

      Um u click on the person and click trade

    • caroline07 says:

      After you click the trade screen, both players will see the same thing them click on the item you want to trade and/or add gold to the trade clicking on the word “gold”. Select okay when you see the other person’s item in their boxes on the top. If the other person accepts your trade too, by clicking okay, you have made the trade.

  256. The unknown says:

    Who do we give the pirate coins to? If it is Ratas, he will always say he has a twin brother… That sentence and I can’t give it to him

    • LuckyBoy19 says:

      I think you have to be lvl 10 to lvl 14 to talk to him. once you get to that level, i think it’s aoubt 2% per 10 coins.

  257. LuckyBoy19 says:

    Does anyone know if you get a better chance of getting a green gem as opposed to a green powder if you use a magic extraction scroll C instead of D?

  258. Vivian says:

    Gumball :Also… I have been searching everywhere for quest guides and can’t find any…

    you cant equip them but when you go to mushroom marshland and find the plant you can pull it out as long as the ear plugs are in your slot !

  259. Vivian says:

    Ohkay , just wanted to say AWESOME guide im lvl 12 right now and im a ranger and i love this game ! , this guide has really helped extremely , im also a premuim member and what i was wondering was how do i make a koii hat like the steps , all i know is that you need the cards and you give it to pitpat but i dont know how many you need , and what do i do with koii dolls ? i have like 3 and i was wondering do they also help me get the hat ? And just wanted to point out for ppl who are trying to get easy money ; go to MUSHROOM MARSHLAND and fight the flowers and spiders and mushrooms they drop blunt swords then after you pick them up go to the beach and tlk to dama’s and click “let me see them” then double tap the sword/s and he buys them for 1,500k ! Hope this helped !

  260. Vivian says:

    Vivian :

    Gumball :Also… I have been searching everywhere for quest guides and can’t find any…

    you cant equip them but when you go to mushroom marshland and find the plant you can pull it out as long as the ear plugs are in your slot !

    i ment mushroom spore !

  261. Tra says:

    I’ve noticed that when attacked by a monster or another player, I’m unable to use a recall scroll or bandage/etc. Is this normal?

    • Youngninja says:

      Those items can only be used when u are standing doing nothing, if u eat bread and walk right after that u’ve just wasted your item.. Its like he had to stop eating to walk or attack a foe. Maybe u can use recall scroll if u unclick the current target

    • caroline07 says:

      No, that’s not normal. You should be able to use a recall scroll. I’ve never used a bandage so I don’t know, but definitely a recall scroll should be usable.

  262. Lizzy0611 says:

    Every time I log in it says TXT_ACCOUNT_OPERATION_FAILURE does anyone know how to get it back to normal? I really need help!

  263. SlashGordon says:

    Everytime i get killed by another player in LH F1, i only have two options to respawn. Both of them ends in respawning in the woody-weedy-village. What should i do? Is it a bug? Im very pissed to run all the way back to LH, even with Boots of Speed :D

    Thx for response

    • Jeff says:

      There is a stone alter to the left of WW Village that warps that can warp you to the beach or to the lighthouse as long as you have green powders. Green powders can be obtained thru the black market or you can use extract scrolls on “Green named items” to get it. Hope this helps!

    • Jeff says:

      To the left of WW village entrance there is a glowing stone alter that warps you to the lighthouse entrance or to the beach. Youll need green powders to exchange. These can be obtained from the black market or you can make them yourself with extraction scrolls used on “Green Named” items. Hope this helps

  264. shem says:

    help! i’m a ranger and i didn’t know anything about the skill points you first add to your stats in the start of the game – so i didn’t max dex and con to 18 and left them at 14. D= will this drastically affect the damage i deal?
    i don’t want to start over again. it took me hours to get all the stuff/gold i have now. :/

  265. Maria says:

    Demigawd :The number’s at the side of you’re weapons and Armour indicate it’s level of enhancement. But if you use a scroll on a weapon with +6 it will break and u’ll lose the weapon and the scroll.
    +6 is the maximum level enchantment on all weapon’s+4 is the max enchantment for Armour.
    If you have like Armour level 5- increasing it to +1 will upgrade you’re defence 1 (Basicly you’re armour is now level 6), But has +1 next to it’s name.

    u can enchant a armor to +5 by blessing the scroll but theres a chance of it doing tat. if it fails itll just go back to +0

  266. athena5 says:

    TO shem dont start over if you worked really hard on it. just use equips.
    rangers tend to have good equips compared to warriors and mages


  267. caroline07 says:

    Some people have a double or triple arrow in their name whereas most people have just one orange or teal one. In addition to this, they may have a star with a number beside it. What is this and how do I get it???
    Here are some pics:
    Person with triple arrows(circled in black):

    Person with star and number (circled in black):

  268. Jerrel says:

    In the animals to fight you left out the mushroom spore monsters. ( cave in Mushroom Marshland)

  269. LuckyBoy19 says:

    Anybody know if you can get to the Mainland if you are from Siras?

  270. Origamijr says:

    Help, I’m a ranger but I can’t find where to get skill books. Right now I’m level 11

  271. Doug says:

    how to i get a guild symbol to make a symbol for my guild? or where?

  272. Steven says:

    what chracter should i be? im starting a new file…….which do you guys think is best though warrior, ranger, or mage….(my file at the moment is mage)….and luckyboy19 both empires are able to go to the mainland :D

  273. teahat says:

    Finally !! I found a hack to this game. this is cool I want to share this hack to all you guys

    Download here

  274. athena5 says:

    @ Origamijr

    lvl 10 skill books are bought buy the reader at the beach
    double shot III is dropped by flower elementals in mush
    thorns III is traded from the battle supervisor for 60 pendents of honor
    concentrate III is dropped from crabs at the beach.
    impact shot II is found from raven in lanos or 777 tailfox in siras
    weakness II is dropped by beholder in the lighthouse
    ensnare II is found from fungus king
    hope this helps!! :)
    athena5 wadangka lanos lvl 13 mage

  275. axl says:

    How can I make sex in IMO world????

  276. ChaosHero says:

    My opinion of the three class

    Ranger: Probably the best class to start with if you’re a newbie to the game. Some reasons are that they are long-ranged, average in mana and health, and are the easiest to level up . A disadvantage is that ranger is the class that has the least skill moves.

    Warrior: In my opinion, warrior has the best armor. If your a person that intend to have ur character to look awesome, warrior class is probably your choice. Also, the average amount of strong players are from the warrior class and warriors are a must-have class on the battlefield. Some disadvantages for warriors are that they are short-ranged, doesnt have a skill move that freeze or stun an enemy, and are hard to train if you are a newbie because if your are surrounded by more than 4 monsters, you have a low chance of getting killed.

    Magician: It’s best to choose this class if you have expierence in the game. Some reasons why magicians are a good choice is that magicians are the only class that could heal, has the most fancy skill moves, could attack other kingdom’s players by using ice prison or flame of kataru at place that normally wont let u attack for example the village, and they’re the class that has the strongest skill moves. Some disadvantage are that magicians have the slowest attack, very slow to level up, and if ran out of mana, they’re useless because you cant use your skill moves and skill moves are magicians’ strongest weapon.

    Kardis BigMama Lanos lvl 12 mage

    Glory to the Lanos Kingdom!!!!!!! :)

  277. Sakura says:

    Hi. umm im new to the game, so where do i get/buy clothes cause i see alot of ppl dressed in fancy clothes and i want to be fancy to :D. and where can i get flame shock IIII, and how can i be a premium member?

    • Animefrak02 says:

      You can get clothes buy killing some monsters, some of them drop clothes. You can also buy clothes from the Jedai, in Woody-Weedy Village or Woody-Wordy Village, depending on if you’re a Lanos or Siras. Some people are also willing to trade/sell clothes. Also, when you complete quests, some NPC’s reward you with clothes(such as the Leather Craftsman and Amy) Hope this helped! Have fun playing the game!!!

  278. JONGOLOID says:

    WHERE DO YOU FIND DOUBLE SHOT IIII??? where do u get all volume 4’s????

  279. johnny says:

    sucks at lvl 13 only lanos can kill crows … only foxes for siras’s..

  280. ralph says:

    where can i get an armor for Mage?

  281. Lanospro says:

    how to get double shot IV

    From: lanos
    name: Lanospro

  282. Jeff22 says:

    I bought all d first four skill book for my ranger character at an Old reader at woody weedy village.. Where can I buy the other skill book?

  283. TheMarshmel0 says:

    Why can’t i go into lanos palace? ive been trying everything…..

  284. H1ro says:

    teahat whats the download again,i really need it

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      Actually, I removed the download link since most likely it is a virus. I believe a cheat/hack for this game would be near impossible, since most of the game is server sided.

      Edit: Yea, it is a virus. I ran it in a sandbox and it was windowless, so I disassembled it with IDA and found the following functions:

      And lots of other anti-anti-virus steps.

      SS: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31858762&l=e0f1b2d870&id=1267487129

      Sorry had to upload it to FB as WP wasn’t letting me for some reason.

  285. happy says:

    hey guys what’re processed items used for? processed leather, processed bore tail etc. bag space is precious and they’re just taking up slots atm…

  286. Jho23 says:

    Where can i get heavy leather?

  287. Spayds says:

    I know I could be attacked in the beach but sumtimes I get attacked in the marshland. How do I do that?

  288. Donald says:

    Where can I buy armor at? And what is leather used for? I found a person that let’s me convert it but I can’t figure out what it’s used for.

  289. seanjohn says:

    how do u get flame shock IV? y does flare and firebolt have the same damage?

  290. kihi says:

    hello where can i get mushroom bags? :)

  291. liliang says:

    hello :D how can i come in to the lighthouse? it is always saying … :/ im lvl 14 ranger :)

  292. totesose says:

    Hello thnx 4 the guide :)
    I have 2 questions:
    1- what does throwing a dice mean
    2- I bought a poison I & light healing I (im not sure of the 2nd name..), i clicked the book, I can c the point of a new skill that should be clicked to be activated.. But no matter how much I click, I just can’t seem to activate them..

  293. totesose says:

    Sorry i meant “casting” a dice @ 69 (112,344) for example..

  294. Dennis says:

    All of u beginners, u can buy books at the readers one in village, one in wingfril island beach and one at lanos castle. Also, you trade in items for equips. They aren’t useless. Finally, you can attack other ppl with special moves u learn at lvl 20. Multi shot for rangers, this swing thing that u get at lvl 20, and mages get a few moves to hit other ppl. This guide is not really reliable i think. Ppl lvl 20+ post some more stuff to help this guide!!!

    • Dennis says:

      Also, u need to get an angel’s tear by completing all of the kulin’s quests. Green crystals are made by magic extraction from things highlighted green. Most of the time, u get green powder. Sometimes, u get green crystals. If u don’t want to do that, just bey green crystals at black trader. U can buy the member ticket for like 10k from other ppl. I think the price is rising though. maybe 20k now.

  295. D'Andre says:

    How do you level up faster? I know the pirate coins way but I need another besides that and training. Is there a way to attack other factions at spots you are unable to? Last question is, how do you get past those guards at Lanos Castle? They say foreigners are not allowed but I wanna get over there. Thanks for listening!!!

  296. D'Andre says:

    How do you kill monsters and get MORE weapon enchant scrolls than usual?

  297. D'Andre says:

    Where do you prefer I train at level 16? The lighthouse is making me gain experience slower…

  298. GuiguiPercy says:

    Hey ! I have a problem : I had the donguri cards Q K J A and 10 , i gave them at the donguri man. In the Woody Woody Forest and after he give to me a mana donguri hat but i want a fire or magic resist.. How can i have a fire or magic resist’s donguri hat please? And how can i follow a skill? Thanks. AKWA, Bigmama, Mage 15

  299. TOMMY says:

    where can i play this game..
    is tats only on iphone or ipad only?
    how about in pc…
    what is the website to play in pc>>>
    pls teach me

  300. ohmyz33 says:

    what is casting the dice for? great tutorial btw. lvl 22 and i still read this for stuff lol

  301. Sandy says:

    Is there a difference of people between servers? For example there might be nicer people in one of the servers compared to the other.

  302. Rachel says:

    this website is very helpful. i’m using an iphone & the problem i’m having is that i cannot use my lvl 15 skills (sharp eye & swift). i drag it down to my 5 circles and it doesn’t stay for some reason. i don’t know why it’s doing this. is anyone else having this problem?! i tried re-logging & re-installing the game…i’m still having the same issue. can someone help me please!? it sucks to train with such little damage especially if i’m trying to lvl. thanks in advanced!!! (:

    • Lol I have this problem too :'(
      I need the skill…

    • Ana says:

      Hiya. I have the same problem. T^T I was wondering if you’ve fixed it? I tried asking people in the game if they know how to fix it… But no one knows. It’s really sad, I wanna use them! It’s so hard to level with so little skills T^T

  303. AlfredFJones says:

    Im lvl 6 and just started to play. First, how can I farm and where is the NPC for farming? Second, I found Armour Enchant Scroll (D Class) from mobs and I wanted to sell it. Is it better for me to sell it to Players or NPC? If I sell to players, how much does it usually costs? Thanks :D

  304. O.o says:

    Where do you get cat ears?T.T

  305. Samurai12 says:

    how do you exchange pirate coins in Siras? I asked Ratas in Siras but he doesn’t let me.
    I’m a ranger.lvl11.

  306. Ticlya says:

    What level do you need to be to do the lighthouse dungeon normally?

  307. Juan says:

    How do you earn volumes III and up? For magicians

  308. Juan says:

    Where do you get Santa hats? Who do you fight to get it?

  309. Emmanuel says:

    Please whre can i find wildswind III.

  310. Jack says:

    Hello please where can I find wild swords III

  311. InsaneReesesX says:

    I hear that the NPC for farming is behind the fountain but I can’t find him…… I found another NPC though called secretphantom that buys things for higher prices than the rest can someone tell me if that’s it I’m a siras in wadanka lvl 16 ranger

  312. NoobHere says:

    Stupid question, but were kan i sell things that i dont need? >.<

    • Player says:

      Either Black Trader/Trader (You need Premium from starters pack) or a merchant. Sell it to Crimsonsabre for lanos and idk for siras.

      Go Devilang Lanos! xD

  313. FostBane says:

    i know everyone has been asking about lvl IV skill books
    you need 3 rare item drops from lvl 30 plus monsters such as from
    wadangka the elder
    for mages its about levitation p1, p2 and p3
    for ranger its bullseye
    and i dont know about warriors

  314. C22board says:

    Ok so im lvl 18 and just wanted to know if when u reach 300 fame and get that second line next to ur name, can u loose that rank by dying and what not????

  315. oonko says:

    Wild Swing IV you need the way of two hands all three pages from blackjuno, blacksky, wadangka, and yetis

    Flame Shock IV you need about levitation all three pages from mobs, blacksky, blackjuno, and wadangka

    Double Shot IV you need bull’s-eye all three pages from wadangka, crazy pengoons, and blackjuno, blacksky

  316. makotosolo says:

    Maybe this is too much, but I have to ask (as I’m sure everyone could use these)…

    Could we get the coordinates of key locations, and important people?

    Thanks so much!

  317. sl3z9 says:

    I see people selling soulbound items at the Black Trader, can you buy that??? Because it’s soulbound, I thought you can’t trade it at all…

  318. slayr808 says:

    ok please respond back!!!!!
    when i try to use a magic extraction scroll on a green item, it says failure and it also says missing a grade.

  319. Marylyn Wolz says:

    Just a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw great pattern .

  320. BenJay says:

    Wherendp I find ancient coins? They are way to expensive at the Black Trader and Trader so I wanna just find them myself. Thanks!

  321. Renscada says:

    How do you get to the mainland?

    • Player says:

      Go to Damas Village at Wingfril Beach(Pk Beach) and talk to the Lanos Officer/Siras Officer near the Black Trader.

      Go Devilang Lanos!! xD

  322. Trish says:

    How do you get Mushroom Robes Without buying them from the Black Trader? Where does everyone get them? I would really like one but i don’t have enough money and i was wondering where the other people got them.

  323. Player says:

    Great guide! Just one question. Although I know lots about this game, I really don’t know ANYTHING about enchantment scrolls. I know D=lvl10 below but I don’t know what it does.

    Help? I will be checking daily.

  324. dragoon10 says:

    trading 100k for yellow p hat saras only at woody vil.

  325. YukariYaku says:

    Here’s a question that maybe everyone knows the answer to! why does nearly everyone play in Lanos?

    • Jasmin says:

      I actually don’t know! I didn’t really read the difference between them and ended up clicking on Siras. But it’s very annoying during the Battlefield events because the Lanos players come in swarms and corner Siras players *sigh,* I’m speaking from playing under Bigmama…

      • Raffine says:

        because siras is evil (LOL no offence to siras players) and there are too many pros they always attack you for nothing and do it for fame

        Name: Raffine
        Class: Mage
        Realm: Lanos
        Lvl: 13

        Go LANOS!!

  326. Jess says:

    Tip: Hunt Kooii For Armour D As You Can Sell For Around 8k.

  327. Jess says:

    Please Help Me! My Level 17 Ranger Is Stuck At Training,Where Should I Train Now? I Don’t Want To Get Pked Either! :(

  328. Snowbeauty says:

    How do you lvl SUPER fast????? i am a lvl 11 siras, in wadanka. PLZ REPLY…thx SSSOOOOOOO much!!!

  329. Jess says:

    How Much Does A Starter Pack Cost? Pls Reply!

  330. Jasmin says:

    Hey, your guide is amazing! Pretty much the only thing I can find that is actually helpful.
    I’ve read through most of the comments but I haven’t seen anyone ask two things:

    1) About the colors of the players name. They seem to change a lot, especially going into PvP areas. I’ve noticed that when I attack an enemy my name turns purple for a while, and when I get killed by one my name turns gray. But what about those players with orange/red colored names? What is up with that?

    2)Beside the names are the symbols of Siras or Lanos, but I’ve noticed some players have more intricate gold or blue (or even a little bit of both). So, why is that?

    No knowing is driving me nuts!
    Thanks a lot for the guide!

    • GeorgeJQ says:

      1) I haven’t actually played myself for a long time, so from what I can remember: Your name (or your enemies if they attack you) turn purple for a while if you attack someone but don’t actually kill them. If you successfully kill them, your name turns red. However, if you die your name turns gray.

      2) About the symbols, I’m not sure.

      • Jasmin says:

        Okay, cool.
        Yeah, it’s been a while since your guide was released, thanks for the help!

  331. Julie says:

    I’ve noticed some of the players have little animals on their heads. How can I obtain one of these?

  332. ilovekoifishy says:

    Um, Im at Wingfril Beach and the person won’t accept my pirate coins. I have 37 and he won’t take them. In SIras, isn’t his name Rafos or something?

  333. flamemin2 says:

    ugh ppl are such noobs here somthing for all the noobs no one knows were to find iv skills dont pvp ppl at beach that looks cool and look like they can pwn u cus they proble can dont ask for money and stay OUT OF ARE WAY!!!!!! LEARN THIS AND HERES A TIP LV 25 WARRIORS CAN PK THERE OWN KIND meaning lanos and siras

  334. 3p1cn3zz says:

    Got two questions:
    1. How do you get Golden Pig?
    2. Where should I get money at level 14?
    Bonus Question: Where should I train? Foxes And continental boars or topped and woopas do not give me exp.

  335. NekoLove says:

    First, thank you very much for the guide.
    I’m a noob lvl 9, warrior and I saw a cute neko mimi (kitty ears) on the game, but I haven’t got any clue idea how to get them, have you?
    I’d very happy if you can share more quest info and other things in order to enjoy better the game.
    Thanks for all.

  336. Keijo says:

    But isn’t that confusing how to get lvl IV skills plus that:
    10 Mushrooms + to lady next to inn keeper in village => *Special* Cold Beer for Old Man in Kulin’s Quest

    …cuz well there ain’t noone next to innkeeper :S and do you mean dried mushrooms or what? how to get them?

  337. Ana says:

    T^T Please help! I’m a level 16 ranger in the Siras faction. I’ve both Swift and Sharp Eye, but the problem is, it won’t go into my quickslot so I can’t use it. Does anyone know how to fix it? I’ve trying to find out by asking people in the game… But I’ve had no luck… Pretty please help?
    How do I get Impact Shot II? I searched it up online and it said you get it from Ravens… But it also said you only find Ravens in the Lanos Plains. How do I get there? NOTE: I’m a Siras player.

    Great guide btw!

    Thank You!
    Hopefully those of you who know the answers to my questions will reply. ^^

    • Helen says:

      How you get to Lanos plains:you go to the beach not with the lighthouse and by the left there will be a guy next a ship.you will have to pay777 but you can set the village there as you’re rebirth village.as for the swift and sharp eye I have the exact same problem

  338. Rinya says:

    Where to buy all the clothes and armor and hat kind of like that…I found all the information I could but no one mention a word about it!

  339. INeedAssistance says:

    Well i played this alot, and after a month of not playing i tried to log on and there was a new login screen that required me to make a Com2Us username with my email and stuff, and then after that i couldnt log onto my old guy who i worked hard on. How to do i log on to him?

  340. turd21 says:


  341. mirzahsan says:

    does someone wanna chat with me???

  342. Hyouden says:

    How can I ban someone? They swear, steal, are offensive, and I believe they’ve scammed someone before but I’m not sure.
    I kindly asked this person to stop swearing and they we’re just like “Well, I’m not banned so it’s okay.”
    They offended me. I want this person to be on the other end of the stick.

  343. Hyouden says:

    How can I ban someone? They swear, steal, are offensive, and I believe they’ve scammed someone before but I’m not sure.
    I kindly asked this person to stop swearing and they we’re just like “Well, I’m not banned so it’s okay.”
    They offended me. I want this person to be on the other end of the stick.

  344. Lady Ellesmere/Lady Terra says:

    What does the colors of players names mean.
    Like purple

  345. Ayano13003 says:

    I need help I’m a ranger and i cant find a crossbow that is more than level 7 or so… where can i find one.. is there a monster that drops it? (exept for the board caue it’s only level 5)

  346. Pr1de says:

    Hi im Pr1de from lanos Devilang lvl 22 ranger premium. purple name is when u attack someone and redname is when you kill someone and that person did not attack back, like pwning nubs. When ppl attack red names they wont get red but if they kill someone purple they will become prple, a black/gray name is when a red named person dies and he cant gain fame. fame gained makes u rank up.. unfortunately for me i had been deranked 3 times and now i have 297 fame :( 3more till rank

  347. Pr1de says:

    In IMO, i dont think you can ban someone. oh yeah, Double Shot IV and Impact shot II is worth millions while Impact shot III is only worth around 20k. AOE skills like multishot is VERY important for farming. DSIV and IMPIII rangers usually own the bf and beach once they come as they usually are very powerful like loop89 or maralano XD

  348. Pr1de says:

    Hey, i was going to buy Adoei in IMO for 5million and is thinking whether worth it, he says that he is taking his hat with him as its worth 2-3 million. i was going to trade the acc for another game but my username was lost and is finding difficulties contacting my friend so should i wait or just spend th5 miliion. I WILL have to either farm for the hat and +4 it or buy it as now i only have 4million. the price range for Impact Shot II is around 10million now but im not sure about Double Shot IV

  349. Kai93/Akito93 says:

    Sometimes when you turn in 5 Refined Corals, you don’t always get Coral Dust. I got a Armor Enhancement Scroll once before and I had to do the whole trading thing again. = _ =

  350. arwen says:

    may i ask?
    how to give someone gold or trade with gold? i dont know how and no want willing to tell me…
    thank.you so much ^^

  351. arwen says:

    may i ask?
    how to give someone gold or trade with gold?
    i dont know how and no one want to tell me… hiks
    thank you ^^

  352. Laeya: bigmama: LaNoS aLl ThE wAy!! says:

    What do you mean by “permanent Battlefield”? And WOaH I thought I had been everywhere… Anyway, how do you get to the permanent bf?

  353. Itach1 Wangdaka Lanos, former Salaman Wangdaka Siras says:

    It’s called the horn of the battlefield, where nobody goes unless you agree with someone from the opposite faction that you’ll 1v1 them

  354. How says:

    How do u get pets??

  355. Imbrace says:

    Okay wow, haha im send this about 2 years after you made this guide so I don’t even think you’ll even answer this. I just started playing and my friend can somehow add me to a party without me even being on the map.. Can someone explain how? (like I said before, I’m new at this and a “noob”, so it’ll mean a lot of you answer)

  356. sam says:

    How can we buy platinum?

  357. Me says:

    can you trade with people on different server?

  358. Leo says:

    Is it true if your are in a looting party u get no exp?

  359. Albriel says:

    Why lanos people can hurt me (even in the town place) and i can’t use spells ir attack them?

  360. yuuu says:

    sry i have got a question … what can i do with a guardianship of siras/lanos ??

    t y for the answere :)

  361. KaitoKudo says:

    my name turned purple when a person with purple randomly attacked me.. what does that mean?

  362. omat says:

    about ‘botting chek card’ what it’sthat for?

    • pfau says:

      “Type in a player’s name that is in the same room as you. An NPC will pop up and the player that you typed in will have 10 minutes to reply to a question that the NPC asks. If the player does not respond the right answer or does not respond, they will be teleported to the main village and will be flagged. The Botting Check card is returned to your inventory after use.”

  363. Anzo says:

    How do you get a pet coins?

  364. keynrichan says:

    Do you know actually how much the lpirate coins reliable price is?

  365. Fidel says:

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post. Thank you for providing these

  366. Looking in the shifting interest of investors over Online trading in india numerous online stock broking firms have established.

    The guy who actually told you the move in
    advance, and possibly even traded it, or even the guy who
    occurs AFTER the move has happened and spouts a
    lot of complex-sounding fancy words and theories.
    It also may include championships with prizes to become one on a weekly

  367. Yosh says:

    How come I can’t re-use a screen name for a character I deleted for a new one?

  368. Tommy says:

    Q: how and where can i store my items for more space, i dont want to loose them, can i expand my inventory, how. ..

  369. Johne946 says:

    I appreciate, cause I discovered just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye bkbccgeddcaa

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